Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nice relaxing weekend

We actually didn’t have a ton of plans this weekend. We were just going to have breakfast with my friend Veronica and play with her new miniature schnauzer puppies. They are sooo super cute! Here’s a couple pics. They are so so tiny!

We met her at about 10:30 on Saturday morning, and picked up breakfast (which was consumme and barbacoa! A little strange for breakfast, but super YUMMY!) We were also tried something new - although I forget the name. It was either heart, or liver. With a ton of spices. I had a tiny piece, Keith took a whole giant bite, but we couldn't finish the taco. Organs just feel wierd in your mouth. Ick. She also picked up a six pack too. Again, a little strange, but what the heck ‘when in rome’. Our six pack turned into many more trips to the store for more beer, then into karaoke. I stopped drinking about 2pm though, because I am really trying super hard to not stuff myself with empty calories. Of course, since I wasn’t drunk, I got a little antsy about 4pm. These are times when I realize that I am super American. I like my space, I like my alone time. I just don’t like spending that much time with people who I don’t know really really well. So, I went home for a bit (left Keith there with Karaoke and Beer) then returned about 6pm. Then, we headed to play pool at a pool hall that Vero’s boyfriend owns. It was pretty cute – a little wooden bar in the corner and four pool tables.Then, Keith started doing crazy shots with a zillion different types of liquor, and by 8PM he couldn’t walk that well, and definitely couldn’t talk. So, I decided that since I can’t carry him if he passes out, it was time to go. We were home by 8:30! So I still had a relaxing night to myself!

Today, I slept in until 2. Keith wasn’t feeling quite right (surprise surprise) either, so it was better to just chill – we were going to go to Mexico City to check things out. I did manage to get the urge to clean, and unpacked the remaining boxes and put away the miscellaneous stuff in my office. It looks like a different room! It felt so good to get rid of more crap, I shredded tons of documents and receipts too – two more giant garbage bags, out the door. Now when Pat and Eunice get here they won’t think that I am a super slob-o-rama! And it just feels good to have things in place, you know? I feel complete.

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