Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boliche Bummer

Last night was dissapointing for me. Strikeasaurus (or, Strike And Sanrus as it says on the score sheets) played sans me last night, due to an impressive migrane. I get headaches often, probably once a week or so, but only get blessed with the big ones occasionally. This was the worst one I had here. It was throwing spears out of my right eyeball. Sucked my arse.

Anyway, since the Excedrine wasn't working well, I figured that going to a bowling alley with shit piles of smoke and loud cracks of the pins from all the strikes I throw probably wouldn't help things either. So I stayed home and Fernando played for me. Keith said they did OK, although they lost all the matches because they played a super awesome team (actually against Alejandra, the girl I work with, who is in first place for the women, and won last seasons tourney). I just layed around and tried to get rid of my head ache. It eventually subsided, but only after I cracked my neck (which, I am trying to stop because I'm pretty sure I'm going to give myself arthritis of the neck, which probably isn't very fun.).

Its gone today, thankfully. Once in a while I get the ones where they are still there in the morning. Then I have to sleep all day to get rid of it. Definitely not cool.

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