Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend Activities

First off, let me say "GOOOOO STEELERS!" I'm not a huge Steelers fan, but I am a big fan of any classic/great player that is missing a championship getting one....such as The Bus. It just felt good to see him hold that trophy.

Anyway. so, our activities this weekend were pretty limited. I just bought Keith a ticket home for April and May, so our funds (i.e. my funds) are running a bit tight. We did get to catch a movie Saturday night - we saw a 9:30pm show, with medium popcorn and pop for under $15! We decided to see Dick & Jane, with Jim Carey and Tea Leoni. Suprisingly, pretty good. It moved well, and had lots of good physical humor, but an interesting story line as well. It was either that movie, or Munich; and I am not a big fan of intense drama / suspense thrillers. It makes my jaw hurt (or, if I don't want it to hurt than I have to bring my bite plate with me....which make me look like a dork).

Sunday we were going to have a little Super Bowl party, but I didn't really invite anyone and the two people I did invite ended up not making it. So it was just me, Keith and Fernando. Ended up being OK though, we had enough beer for the three of us, and plenty of food. AND we got the game in English, so we were pretty happy. Now, I just need Keith to eat all the non-healthy left over food so I can jump back on the healthy eating train!

Oh yeah, Sunday morning Keith played basketball. I thought it was just a street pick up game I was volunteering him for, but turns out its a league with uniforms and refs to boot. A guy at my company plays, so I thought it would be a good idea so we could meet new people and give Keith someting fun to do as well. The team lost, but Keith did get to play one quarter. It was like he was sucking wind though - hard core cardiovasular activity at 9,000 feet altitude isn't kind on your lungs if your not used to it.

Today, for me, was a day of rest. Its Mexican Labor day, I guess. It was nice to just veg and sleep in until noon! I did get some laundry and other organizing done (I have than two weeks to get the house ready for Pat O'Brien and Eunice's visit); but mostly I was lazy. Tomorrow, back to the grindstone!

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