Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tomorrow is always better

OK, so I'm not nearly in as much dispair as I was yesterday. Welcome to my life! More ups and downs than Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast! I think talking/emailing to friends and boliche helped that. I also found a free online counseling thing that I think will help satisfy my needs, at least until I can communicate well enough in Spanish to get a real shrink here. I told them my life story and they told me I'm not crazy :) Problem solved! OK, maybe not, but it will at least give me a venue with semi-professional consulations.....who speak English.

We met a new friend at Boliche last night. She's this adorable little 22 year old who chain smokes. She reminds me a lot of my ex-sister-in-law (except for the whole chain smoking thing), but Mexican. As a matter of fact, I might start calling her Mexican Kimmy. Anyway, we did OK, we only got 3 out of 6 points - but hey, thats cool. we both improved our averages.

I also am going to cancel my membership at Curves, because its super inflaming my knee, and it really is way too far away. There is a $10 penalty, and I loose my membership inscription, but its not as bad as it could have been. I found a different (real type, not curves) gym, much less expensive (I can buy memberships for me AND Keith for the same price) AND there is no contract AND it is butt loads closer. This will allow me to do some hard core strengthening on my knee, and hopefully it will stop bugging the bejesus out of me!

BTW - we're in single digits! Only 8 more days until Pat gets here!! 15 until EUNICE is here! WOOO HOOO! We're so popular!

One more random side note - I think Keith has a job! Of course, I don't think he's told them that he's going home for a month and a half, but maybe he'll figure out how to tell them later!

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