Monday, February 20, 2006

Burn Baby Burn

Pat O’Brien arrived safe and sound Friday night, and I must say it was (as I’m sure you, dear reader, remember from my anticipation post) intense. I did not upchuck my McPollo though, so that’s a good thing.

Saturday we decided to take a chill day, and went to the movies in the late afternoon to see Bandidas. Here’s a tip, unless you’re in the mood to enjoy and laugh at how terrible it is, don’t go see it. Entertaining, and well worth the $4 each we paid, but not a good movie at all. After the movie we decided we were going to be brave and visit a local cantina. Keith is always trying to get me to go to this place called “Charley’s” because he says it looks like it’s owned by an old American retiree with long white hair and beard with a towel over his shoulder. I think it looks like drug dealers hang out there.

Anyway, since we had Pat as reinforcements, I figured it would be a good time to try it. We never made it there. I wanted to first check out a little strip with some bars in it that was right around the corner. So we did, and it almost looked like an Irish Pub from the outside, and it had Guinness glass etchings in the window, so Pat O’Brien, naturally was game. Turns out to be a Spanish bar, but they had Irish Car Bombs, of which we did five, Tequila with sangrita, of which we had four, and beer, of which we had a lot. The staff was really nice and I think Keith and I might have found our local beer hang out spot……Plus, the bill for the three of us was only $60!

That did make for some hung-over boys on Sunday morning. I felt pretty good, mostly because I didn’t drink that much because I was the driver.

Anyway, we met our friend Veronica in Mexico City, had some Mexican breakfast, and made our way to the Pyramids. HOLY COW. Mega impressive. I know I told myself that there is just too much to see and I don’t want to visit any one place more than one time, but this, this I will go back to – probably when my parents come out. My legs are sore from climbing both the pyramids of the sun and moon, and my chest and arms are F-R-I-E-D, but it was so amazing. Veronica is just as burned as I was (damn tank tops) and Pat O’Brien is pretty much fried toast too, but just on his neck and ears. Apparently his plethora of arm hair provides a natural SPF protection. Somehow Keith managed to escape burning. I’m not sure how.

After the pyramids we had a quick lunch at a local joint. We also tried Pulque, which is a fermented drink from the maguey or agave plant. Very traditional pre-Hispanic (i.e. Aztec) drink of the Gods. Or, as they say “leche de la vaca verde” (milk from the green cow). I guess because it comes from a giant green plant and its kind of milky looking. Think, tequila beer. Tequila is distilled, beer is fermented. Anyway, it tasted like ass. It tasted like Keith’s burps smelled all day. Bile. Ew. But, I highly recommend everyone try it at least once, just to have the experience. Keith did not partake, because he was barfing all over the place. (OK, just twice, in the parking lot where we were meeting Vero and in the parking lot where we were eating).

Now, we will be on our way to Acapulco in about an hour and a half. Its pretty much right before spring break, so it should be festive but relatively low key. I am really looking forward to relaxing! It’s just too bad that it’s only for 3 days……

I’ll be posting pics of the pyramids and such probably after we get back from Acapulco. We’re taking a computer with us, but only to download the photos from my camera (since I have a teeny tiny memory stick). I don’t know if I’ll be sober enough to type updates to the blogg……but stranger things have happened!

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