Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Before I show scrappin stuff...

I have to bitch a little bit. I don't like feeling all Big Brother-y. Case in point - I came to work Monday morning, only to turn on my computer and see "they" have erased my screen saver and installed a Rah Rah Holcim Apasco one - Safety first and all that crap. As if I don't see enough paraphanalia when I walked down the halls or into people's offices. When my computer goes to sleep - I want to see MY pictures.

I guess that is asking too much seeing as how it is their computer.

Also, they started blocking my FAVORITE site in the universe - CUTE OVERLOAD AND my stinkin' blog lines! how the heck am I supposed to go a week without reading up on the trials and tribulations of my cyber friends?!?! I'll tell you how - I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO!!!! Ack. Whats next people - censored personal email too? Sheesh. This not having uncensored internet at home is driving me a bit batty.

OK - and now on to the scrapping show. Instead of typing out all the credits here - I'm just going to link the picture to a place where you can see it. How does that sound? Makes my life a bit easier, so I'll go with it.

Here we go: 1st, we'll start with some layouts featuring my trusty sidekick throughout this whole Mexico affair, Keith.
Good Ol' Boys

White Cloud

Now, one of my little (now grown up :( ) cousins Janelle & Nikki - I can't believe how STINKIN' beautiful they are. And no, they are not twins.

Dia de los Muertos

And, finally, a couple two page layouts from my Dad's Surprise Birthday/Retirement party - the second two are of his college friends, and the first two are of the rest of the guests. It all was pretty darn fun! I must say!

Before I go, I just wanted to update you all on my running training. I'm still doing it! HUZZAH! I'm offiically in week 6 , and should be running for a total of 25 minutes straight by time I make it home to Chicago in 10 days. Here's to productive training! Shamrock Shuffle - HERE I COME!!!

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