Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Girl Cousins
My little sister Karli, and our cousins, Janelle & Nikki at Christmastime
Papers & Elements - Marcie Reckinger Lovealicious available exclusively at ACOT; Drop Shadows by Traci Murphy; Photo Action by Michelle Pearson; Font – Mistral

I am Proud
This is for a reJENerate Challenge at Jen Wilson's website. The objective was to do a LO based on what makes you truly happy.

Journaling Reads:
I have made many mistakes along the way, but
I am proud of where I have been
I have worked hard to accept my life and myself, but I am finally
happy where I am
For all the opportunities, both those by chance and those that I created, I am thankful and
excited where I am going
This is a true gift that makes me smile from the inside out. How lucky am I to feel this way!

Paper & Embelishments – ReJENerate Reflect; Fonts: Trashed, Susie’s hand, Reservoir Grunge, Bernard MT

2006 O’Brien Family Christmas Journaling reads: We spent the O’Brien family Christmas at Moe & Steve’s house on Dec. 28 -30. We ate a great meal, drank champagne, and even went bowling! The highlight though, was playing Wii - with the whole family involved!

Photo frame cluster with shadows - Nancy Comelab; Stamped Alpha - Comfy Jeans by Traci Reed; Papers & elements - Holiday Bliss by Shannon Lee; Drop Shadows by Traci Murphy

Joseph William Roebuck

My cousin Ronda & her husband Darren's bundle of joy!
Joseph William Roebuck - October 9, 2006 - 6:40PM - 7.5 lbs 21 inches

Papers, elements & alpha - Traci Reed Comfy Jeans Kit - Natural Woman Collection; Glitter flower - Gina Miller; Template Kelly Shults; Drop Shadows - Traci Murphy; Font - cry kitty, Mistral

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Anonymous said...

Joey is very cute!
I think I gave you the wrong weight. OOPS.
He was 7 lbs 5 ozs.