Friday, January 12, 2007

Purge - purge - AND MORE PURGE!

I'm making my way through the mess peeps - its all coming together! Last night I sat down in the overfilled office area and purged a zillion old bills, documents, blah blah blah. Although I didn't get through a whole heck of a lot, I emptied a couple boxes and am making progress.

In the process of shredding things I came across an old file I had with things from high school and college in it. I did pare down some of it, but I did keep enough to fit in a small folder. Just old letters from friends, some from my parents, drawings a cute little 5 year old Karli made for me while I was away. It was pretty funny! The stuff from high school was mostly stories and writings I did for English class - those were rather hilarious! One was an obituary recounting my life story - it didn't have much right (I think I was some sort of Bio-Physicist or something) but it did have right that I would move to Colorado for a bit. Kinda amusing to read. Maybe I'll post it here later - so you can see the high hopes I had for myself as a 16 year old girl.

The best thing about all this is now I am in the mood to purge - so it makes the monumental task a lot easier. I'll finish the rest of the box tonight, and maybe hit my Tshirt area.

I'm starting to stress a lot, but apparently thats just how I do. Really I'd like to not be that way. In talking with an intern at lunch, I asked for advice on how to not stress. She told me that I take tasks that aren't that important, and worry about every detail. I would have been slightly offended, if she weren't exactly right!!! I really do need to chill - life's too short to spend it all wound up in a ball.....

On another note - at lunch time I was trying to figure out the spanish word for procrastinator, because I am SUCH a procrastinator it is I explained to my friends the definition - a person who waits until the very last mintue to do things, even if they could do it right away with plenty of time to spare.

Their answer? and I quote: "A good Mexican".

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