Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Great sight...

I'm not at work because I'm waiting for the Mover's person to come survey my house and see how much crap I have, so they have sufficient materials to pack me up and move!!!!!

I took Keith to work this morning, then went to the gym for a bit. While I was cooling down and stretching, I saw one of the most beautiful sights in the world. It totally made me smile and put me in a great mood. I actually stretched a bit longer just so I could look out the window and watch it.

So what was this wonderful sight, you may ask? Nothing more than a woman and her dog. Seems pretty normal, right? Well, I suppose it was. They were in the dirt lot next door to the gym - just playing fetch, and running around. But, it was beautiful. It was just after sunrise, so the light was still a reddish purple coming over the mountains in the east. You could see both her and the puppy's breath exploding in the cool, crisp air. They were both completely enjoying each other's company, appearing to think nothing more than living in that exact moment; nothing more than having fun and playing.

She'd pick up a 2 foot stick, hurl it as far as she could, and the dog would run after it - but when the pup was running back toward her at full speed, she would take off as if saying "catch me if you can!" and then flash a big giant smile when the yellow lab finally caught up. Then, after a particularly long run, she would throw the stick and the dog would run a few feet, look back at her as if to ask "Aren't you coming to get this stick with me?" which would inevitably make the woman giggle and smile, and offer a small scratch behind the ears.

Really, it was just beautiful - its amazing to see two friends completely at peace and happy. Fun to see a person and a dog getting exercise, but truly enjoying life. Its great to see a well cared for, loved dog in these parts. There are too many times here that I see mistreated, hurt, sick and uncared for dogs - and sometimes it makes me so sad...but not today. That woman will probably never know that she and her friend made a great start to my day, but I'm very happy she did!

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