Monday, January 22, 2007

pretty chill weekend...

This weekend wasn’t all that exciting – but I did get a lot accomplished. Keith had a rugby game Saturday, but I couldn’t go because I was waiting for some people to stop by to look at the house (for the next tenants) and also for one of the cleaning ladies from work to stop by and take all my old things. She asked politely because, she was going to stop working (something about her husband not letting her work) and they didn’t have many things – so I said absolutely! I was just going to donate it all to Salvation Army anyway, and since it was such a huge pain the ass to get a receipt , it wouldn’t-t make a difference if I gave it to her, or the Salvation Army. She said they will probably use some things, and what they can’t use they will sell…..which is totally cool. So, 90% of the things I wanted to purge are gone. There is still a little bit left, but I will have that ready for the Salvation Army to come and pick up at the end of this week.

Fernando stopped by after my other visitors in the early afternoon, and we decided to head up to the rugby pitch to enjoy the weather and good company, even though we knew the Wallabies’ game would be over. Martha & the boys were in Colorines, so they didn’t join us. It was a beautiful day, and it was nice to spend it out in the sunshine. There was a party after the game that night in Mexico City, but when we got home after lunch we just crashed and took naps, and didn’t feel like doing much of anything – so we just watched movies and TV.

Funny side note – Keith got pulled over by some cops as he was driving to the Pitch – and the cop was making a big deal of our papers being expired for the car. Yes, technically they are expired – they expired with my visa….but it is supposed to renew with a valid visa, regardless of what the expired tag says. Anyway, because of the language barrier – it just ended up being easier to offer a mordida (bribe). I absolutely loathe that system, and I realize that we are being part of the problem by contributing, but it is hard to communicate to really do the right thing, you know? Anyway, I was very proud of myself because when Keith called to tell me so I could talk to the Cop, I didn’t freak out. I think living here in Mexico has made me a little bit laid back – as much as I can be anyway.

I just can’t wait to get back to the US where I can trust the police, and know they are doing their job for the wellbeing of everyone. If I’m ever pulled over I’m going to make sure to tell them that, even if I have to do it smiling while accepting a ticket.

I also got a shit ton of scrapping done – I’m so productive when I don’t have internet to keep me distracted! Maybe I’ll share those tomorrow.

Sunday was spend cooking and watching football. I’m trying to use all the food we have here, so we don’t waste a lot. The only thing we should have to buy is Milk. Can’t go without milk. I’m cooking because I find that I don’t want to cook at all at nights or for lunch, I’m too lazy. I want something I can just warm up. So I made some chicken slow cooker yumminess – cooked first with Italian dressing, then drained, shredded and mixed into a mushroom soup/spices/cream cheese sauce. It came out rather nice!

Then I prepared lasagna for Veronica who is coming over for a farewell dinner tomorrow night. I figured it would just be easier to prepare it now, stick it in the fridge, and then just have to throw it in the oven tomorrow night after work. Should be yummy. I wanted to pick up some wine, but I just got her favorite beer, since she’s more of a beer drinker anyway. Does beer go with Lasagna?

It is SOOO crazy to think this is my last week of work. Even worse, its sooooo crazy to think I’ve successfully procrastinated this long, to leave everything to cram into one stinkin week! No worries though – I will get it all done :)

This morning I had my first conference call with my new sales group. I’m definitely looking forward to that! Just part of the transition that will take me home!!!!

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