Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frogger, Crazy Men & Birthdays


Yesterday I had a true Mexican adventure – I crossed an 8 lane street without using a crosswalk. Now, don’t think I’m living on the edge here – I would have used a crosswalk if they existed here. The truth is, they don’t, and every time I see a family of four lugging 3 small children across a busy thorough fare, or worse, a highway, I cringe. But, alas, that’s how they roll here.

The reason why I did it, is because I had to get some keys copied, and there wasn’t any parking on the correct side of the street, nor was there an easy way to turn around to return to my house (I went during lunch time). So I just parked on the southbound side of the street, and ran across and got the copies made. I tried to do it semi close to a light so I was at least guaranteed some resemblance of a break in traffic. I made it there and back, with little trouble, although I did feel a bit like Frogger. Especially when crossing in front of buses – you never know if they see you or not.

:::::::::::::::::CRAZY MEN:::::::::::::::::

After I had finished with my Frogger adventure and was heading home to eat, I had another unusual experience. When I turned into our neighborhood area off of the main drag, there was a person behind me honking and flashing his lights and trying to pull on the side of me. I’m kind of freaking out – but just trying to ignore him…there is NO way I’m pulling over and letting some crazy man rob me in broad daylight! It was kind of scary. When he finally did pull up beside me – I realized it was our friend Sergio, whom we haven’t seen in quite a while!

He used to work at Wall Street with Keith, but quit when his boss made his life a living hell when he didn’t want to go out with her……anyway, Keith lost his phone, so Sergio didn’t have any way to get ahold of us, so it was very fatuitous that he saw my car (which is very unusual and distinct down here) and followed me, scaring the crap out of me until I realized it was him. I told him I thought he was crazy and trying to kill me :o) Now he has my cell phone number, and hopefully we can have a small get together before we leave.


Last night, at midnight, it was the birthday of one of our neighbors across the street. I really have no idea who it was, or how old they were, but I know it was their birthday because at midnight, on the dot, the streets of quiet Rancho Las Palomas erupted in the happy sounds of a 9 piece Mariachi band playing Las Mañanitas.

I retired early last night because I was pretty tired, so I was in bed and sleeping by 10:30 – and normally I would be upset by such a disruption in the middle of my sleep – but not last night. It was such a beautiful sound – I love the sounds of trumpets playing in three part harmony with perfect vibrato – and a chorus of men with deep, rich voices belting out songs of antiguity. And of course, there always has to be a couple slightly off tune violins and other booming, handcrafted string instruments. And to look out my window and see an actual birthday serenade – Men in black Charro Suits with silver accents, and one guy with a Serape that just can’t take the cold Toluca nights – well, it was one of those times where I just smiled and thought to myself “WOW! How lucky am I to have had the chance to live here and experience something like this!”
I called down to Keith to see if he heard it (as if it was possible to not hear it) and he said he was looking out the window too. They played a couple of songs, including “Sabes una cosa” which always makes me dance a little bit no matter where I am. So, as I was drifting off to sleep, smile of contentment upon my face, I was dancing a little bit – not just because of the music, but happy to experience that in person, and also happy that I’m almost done and ready to come home. I’m going to miss random experiences like that, but I’ve experienced so much already, and I’m ready to head back to the arms of people I love.

:::::::::::::::::AND WHILE WE’RE HERE:::::::::::::::::

Here are the two pages I worked on Tuesday night. Probably a couple of my new favorites!!!

Forever Fans
This is me & Pat O’Brien, and his niece, Larkin in September 2005. We were all geared up ready to watch the game. I'm pretty sure the Lion's Lost.

Journaling reads: It’s a curse. We love the Detroit Lions. Every year, we think, maybe, they won't suck as bad as last year. But, every year we are forced to endure a toturous season full of new mistakes and a team that invents new ways to lose. Oh well. At least we look good in Honolulu Blue!

You can see credits HERE

This is one of my favorite pictures from Christmas. Pat O’Brien & I were laying on the couch, and my nephew Austin just decided to climb up on me to cuddle and watch Cars with us :) He's too cute!
You can see credits HERE

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