Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hidden Treasures

Here is an example of how my mom would end EVERY letter she sent while she was in college.

....Be Good
....Study Hard
....Go to Church


Good advice, don't you think?

Then, there was a care package that the entire Mayer family chipped in to buy for my first Finals Week. It was a little index card, crammed with well wishes:

Be good - study hard - & go to church - love, Mom
I love you - Do your Best - Dad
GO KARIN - Karli
A little Prayer Helps
If you do good.....I'll be happy for you - Love Kyle Mayer
I hope I can come down soon - Keith
If you do good.....I'll send you more food - Uncle Paul, Aunt Kathy & Jeff
Good luck on exams! Next we'll send you a washing machine - love Aunt Joni & Uncle Jerry, Janelle & Nikki
Then of course, a trademark stick person by my Grandpa Mayer.

I don't remember what the care package consisted of - but I can be pretty darn sure that I was psyched to get it! And I'm keeping that card forever. Its awesome! Maybe I'll scan it as soon as I get the scanner hooked back up.

And now, for the whammy.

::::::::::::The Days of a Good Woman::::::::::::
Written on 24 September 1993, by a 15 year old Karin Mayer

Karin T. Mayer-Brutkiewicz was a kind, intelligent woman who was a devoted mother and spouse. She will always be remembered by her positive outlook, her love of life and the happiness she brought to others.

She was born in Saginaw, Michigan, on December 12, 1977, to two loving parents. She was brought up to love life, to speak as she felt and never hold any of her feelings back.

When Karin was four years old, her family and she moved to Colorado. She quickly made friends, and was enrolled in pre-school the following fall.

She loved all her friends dearly, and shared everything that she could with all of them; especially those that were less fortunate than she. Her best friend at the time, Miriam, never had a lot of material things, but Karin made sure that Miri was always happy and rich at heart!

Upon returning to Saginaw a year later, she was entered into kindergarten. She did exceptionally well, and was advanced to the first grade two weeks later. Although being a year younger than most of the students, she made friends that would last a lifetime. She continued to do well through out elementary and middle school, as she almost always had all A's.

In June of 1995, Karin Mayer graduated from Carrollton High School as Valedictorian and president of the National Honors Society. She was also a National Merit Scholarship recipient, and proceeded to further her education at the University of Colorado; majoring in biological physics, minoring in music.

Ms. Mayer was on the Dean's list and in the top five of her class. She was recommended to anyone by her professors, who say that "Karin was a hard working, dedicated individual who strives for success in everything she does."

When she received her bachelor's degree in bio-physics, she was offered a job to co-op at the DNR office in Denver. After graduating from U of C on year later with a masters in bio-physics, the DNR offered her a full time job at the office in Michigan, near Saginaw, which she gladly accepted.

On November 19, 2004, Karin married Sergeant Matthew Brutkiewicz of the U.S. Marines. Less than a year later, their first child, Katelyn Cecilia was born. In 2006, they moved to Colorado so Karin could accept a job as head bio-physicist at the DNR office in Denver. During the next four years, Matthew Jr. and Jacob Michael were born. After their last child, Kaleb Nathaniel, was born, Karin was in the hospital for three weeks due to complications during and after his birth.

In the year 2019, Karin was promoted to vice-president of the DNR in reward for her hard work and dedication to the program.

In 2023, their second youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia. Jacob died in 2026 at the age of 17. His parents were devistated, but they were determined to let his spirit live on. Jacob's college money was used to start a charity to help young people with cancer.

During the next eight years, Karin & Matt were graced with five grandchildren. The first born was named Jacob Michael, after his uncle.

In 2036, she retired to devote her time volunteering for the National Cancer Society and to visit friends and family. The Brutkiewicz's eventually bought a small house on Houghton Lake. They spent their summers on their small ranch in the Rockies.

Matt passed away at the age of 64. Lonely and homesick, Karin sold the house on the lake and moved to their summer home in the mountains. She continued to live there until 2052 when she died in a rock climbing accident.

Karin was loved by many, and her spirit will remain in the hearts of those she helped and loved.

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