Monday, January 08, 2007

The clock is ticking…..

I’ve been putting it off and putting it off – mostly because I am a World class champion procrastinator – so much so that I’ve convinced myself that I actually work better when there is a time crunch!

I have vowed today to make a list of EVERYTHING that I need to complete in the next three weeks – and then break it all down and make a plan of attack so I can make sure to get everything done. And I will do it. I promise you. After lunch.

::::::::::::::ACOT CROP::::::::::::::

First, lets talk about this weekend! It was the Scrappin’ In the New Year Crop weekend at A Cherry On Top – and it was my first Crop being on the planning side of things! It was very fun, but definitely stressful – being that it was my first one and I didn’t want to botch anything up!!! I hosted a bingo game, Disney trivia, and another game called song lyric hide and seek. It was very fun, and all in all I doled out about $50 in points and prizes!

Even with being on the Creative Team and not playing any of the games or anything, I still was encouraged to scrap a bit – I did about 10 pages in all! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Papers, elements, alpha - Jen Wilson Nostalgia 5 Kit; Kraft Notebook paper - Shannon Lee Designs Muddle of Pud kit; Tied ribbons (some recolored) - ajsmith, amy teets, Heather Ann, Anita Stergiou, Shannon Lee, brutcher; Sketch - Becky Fleck pagemaps; Tear - Steph Krush; Font - Weltron Urban, My own handrwiting created by september Myles; Drop Shadows by Traci Murphy

Papers - Jen Wilson; Drop Shadows - Traci Murphy; Stitches – CGGibson; Frame & Tag - Holly McCaig; Fonts - Batik Regular & Jefferson

::::::::::::::CHRISTMAS 2004::::::::::::::
Yeah, I know I put the wrong date in it – I’m gonna fix that today. I’m a huge dork.

Template - Traci Reed Double Trouble2; Papers - Elements - Jen Wilson Merry Days 9; Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman; Font - Susie's Hand

Template - Traci Reed Double Trouble (pics added to achieve 4 pics per page); Stamp Alpha, Papers, Tags from New Beginnings kit, available exclusively at ACOT; Font - Gilder Girls

::::::::::::::OTHER WEEKEND FUN::::::::::::::

I also finally cleaned my bathroom, and took down all the Christmas Décor inside. It always makes me a bit sad, because after my house looks so naked. Keith was nice enough to do the outside lights. I also took the opportunity to bring downstairs a bunch of stuff that needs to be donated. I swear, I have another room full. It sure feels good to purge, though! I think I arrived in Mexico with about 300 boxes of stuff – my goal was to purge half……I think I’m well on my way.

::::::::::::::PERSONAL GOALS FOR THIS WEEK::::::::::::::

Now, this week I would also like to scrap a few paper pages, and also shred at least two more boxes of documents. Oh, and I’m also going to start training tomorrow for an 8K in March. I was just going to wait until I got back to the US, but it will be much MUCH better if I start it now. Besides, I need some motivation to get my ass up in the morning. This sleeping in until 8:30AM business is for the birds.

::::::::::::::REPATRIATION UPDATE::::::::::::::

I finally determined my last day of work here in Mexico – it will be January 31, 2007. That means Keith and I will be on the road starting February 1 – and hopefully rolling into Chicago before the Superbowl on Sunday February 4. I’ll take a couple days to rest and relax, and start work sometime later that week.

Right now I’m working with a million different people to get all my stuff set up for my new position. Ordering a new car (Jeep Grand Cherokee), telephone (hot pink Razr, I hope!), email, access to intranet stuffs, reports, customer lists, etc……

I’ve also had contact with the movers and relocation company, so that is all in the works now as well. I’m pretty excited about it all!!!!!

The best thing about this whole process is how easy its going to be compared with other relocations. I already have a place to live, the kitties are already happily relocated, and when I arrive I’ll have a personal guide in Pat O’Brien to help show me around town, help me get my drivers license and city sticker! Half of the stress of moving is not knowing where you’re going to live, having temporary arrangements and living in limbo for 3 months. I’ll already have that taken care of! WHOOO HOOO!

Of course, there are other issues – I will be getting a bonus from Apasco sometime in June, so I have to figure out how that is going to work…not sure if I’m just going to keep my account open and close it after that, or if I’m going to have them send me a check, or what…..but I’ll have to figure that all out later this week or early next. I’m trying not to stress too much about it.

OK – that’s all for now. Hope you all have a great day!!!

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