Wednesday, January 17, 2007


::::::::::::::::I {heart} TelMex::::::::::::::::

So, based on a cyber friend's advice, I decided to call TelMex/Prodigy to cancel my internet service for the end of the month.......I'm not exactly sure what I ended up doing, but the internet service stopped working sometime yesterday after I called, so I'm assuming they already shut it off. Which is great, I guess - sometimes I just wish I could understand Spanish better so I knew what was going on when I'm on the phone. Some people are really nice about it, and make an effort to speak more clearly and slowly....some people - like operators at TelMex - don't. So, I'm not sure what I did - but I don't think it would be worth the hassel to turn it back on for two weeks. So,I guess we'll just go without - I'll still have access at work, and Keith will at his work, so we won't be completely cut off. And then, too, maybe I'll be able to get some things done instead of sitting in front of the computer all night. Of course, there is always TV to watch and digiscrapping to do :)

::::::::::::::::OH BROTHER::::::::::::::::

Poor Keithy Boy is sick. He was feeling kind of poopy after he got home from Christmas time, then got better, then just took a turn for the worse. All hackin' and horkin' snot all over the place. Its kind of gross. He said he was blowin electric green boogers all day yesterday. I personally think its the same sinus infection I had - and I'm hoping to high heaven he doesn't give it back to me. I'm still taking antibiotics though, so I'm sure that will help! I'm happy now that he's using up some of the Cold Medicine I have because the movers said they won't pack it, and I would hate for all that to go to waste.

::::::::::::::::POOR POOR PAT::::::::::::::::

Something went all screwy with Pat O'Brien's Jeep yesterday.....he said the odometer, spedometer and transmission weren't functioning - and he was stuck in 1st or 2nd gear. And, his dash board was lit up with warning lights more than the Griswold house at Christmastime. I guess that would officially mean something is wrong, eh? He managed to get home safely, but will be sportin' a rental until he can get the car into the shop on MONDAY. WTF?? That just seems like forever to me....I think I might have to talk to a Manager in that case. I can be very persuasive if I need to be.

::::::::::::::::MOVE UPDATE::::::::::::::::

There has been some plan finalization in the move front. The packers are officially coming January 29 - 31, so that leaves me to map out our plan of driving attack for Feb 1 - 4. Its all coming soon ladies and germs! I can hardly stand the anticipation!!!!!

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