Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy MLK Day!

Keith posted this on our Diaz family email group, but I thought I would post the link here. I would like to embed it – but YouTube is blocked from work so I can’t get the code. DAMMIT ALL ANYWAY! Its always a good thing to be learned in American History, and I think everyone -young and old - shoud make an effort to see the speech in its entirety - and just gives me goosebumps besides the point.

::::::::::::::DOH! ::::::::::::::

It was brought to my attention that my previous post of my 15 year old version of my “obituary” was, well, creepy. I guess it may be perceived as kind of strange, but the purpose of the assignment was to write a realistic version of your life, keeping in mind that life isn’t always good and perfect, and sometimes very bad things do happen. I do not, in any way, think I “jinxed” myself by writing that, nor was I hoping that it would happen, nor was I making light of leukemia – it was simply a story of fiction. I thought it was interesting, the perspective of myself half a life ago, so I shared. Nothing more.

:::::::::::::: WEEKEND FUN ::::::::::::::

I intended to do a ton of purging and cleaning this weekend, but instead, I did a lot of scrapping :) I did get the automatic litterbox cleaned out, disinfected, and ready for shipment though – so that was a pretty monumental task. Also did laundry. Maybe the last time before we leave? Who knows. I’m not sure if I can go 2 weeks without doing laundry.

:::::::::::::: RUG-O-RAMA::::::::::::::

Keith and I also headed to a Rugby 7’s tournament Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, until the sun went down, then it got hella chilly and kind a cold. A nice view too – the tourney was in Lerma, which is right next to Toluca….and from the pitches you could see the Volcano really well.

One cool thing that was a bit different in this tournament was the presence of young ruggers. In the AM (which we missed because Keith was working) they had the youngsters play – primarily high school teams, and even some chicks that were playing (they don’t have separate women’s teams here, as far as I know). BUT – they also had a group of kids from the Ministries of Love, which is an orphanage in Mexico City. One of the teams in DF, Los Demonios, started this program to teach rugby to them. These kids were sooooo little! Like 6 – 12 I think, but they were out there with their teammates, learning the rules and running around like crazy. It looked funny because the ball was so big in comparison to their little bodies! But, you could tell they were really enjoying themselves and having a great time!

There was some discussion of the danger of having kids that young play rugby, but NAY to that I say – kids will be kids, brawlin’ and wrestling regardless if its an organized sport or not. And, if its taught correctly, there is no harm done. I’ll post some pics of them after I get home.

I really like being around Ruggers. They are so fun and so relaxed – maybe I like them so much because they balance out my OCD and neuroticness. It’s always a great international atmosphere too – even in the US. Its like, when people from around the world move from a new city, state, or country, the first thing they do is find a new Rugby Team to play with….probably because its like Instant Friends. Rugby Folk are good folk……good drinking folk, but good folk nonetheless!

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