Saturday, November 19, 2005

Driving and other such dangers

Let me say that first off, I am well aware that people in México drive crazy. I learned that lesson the first time I took a ride in a Bochito (little VW bug) taxi many moons ago. Or when we took that bus ride from Puerto Vallerta to Guadalajara and the driver almost plunged off a cliff twice while drinking his jug of tequila hidden ever so discreetly behind his seat. But it really does take on a whole new meaning when you are doing it yourself.

First off, driving here has been refered to as "anarchy", which is an appropriate description. Anyone who has ever driving in Boston might have an inkling of what I am talking about. People have a complete disregard for any traffic signals or signs. They apparantly are merely a guideline.....only if you feel like listening to them. They cut you off, merge when they shouldn't, blatently run red lights and the buses - oh don't even get me started on the buses!!

Keith put it quite eloquently as we were driving home from the mall last night.....and I quote "For being such nice people, they sure are cock suckers!"

Really though, the worst part isn't fearing for your life. Seriously, its not! As long as traffic is moving its not so bad, you get used to it and become accustomed to being an aggressive and offensive driver. The worst part is being stuck in traffic. Its not like any other traffic jam. Its like the worst traffic jam you can imagine, with people weaving in and out of traffic trying to sell you bananas or dolls or wash your windshield, all while sucking on a tailpipe. Thats what it felt like. I swear I could feel capallaries in my lungs collapsing from the polluted air. It was so bad that I could taste it. I was nauseous for three hours after I got home.

The buses and trucks are by far, the worst. They pull up next to you, or stop right in front of you and say "Hey, Hola! Hows it going? Open up - I'm going to stick this ginormous tail pipe in your mouth and suck all of the available oxygen from your area and replace it with fossil fuel dirtied carbon dioxide. I hope you like tar flavor!"

Lucky for me, Keith enjoys driving. I think its the guy-video game connection. Now, if I can only find an oxygen tank to keep handy........

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