Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny Story....

Back tracking here a bit - Keith and I went grocery shopping earlier this week because I was getting sick of the ham and cheese bit and wanted to throw a little PB&J in there just to mix it up a bit. Well, graceful me drops the jelly when we get home and shatters the bottom. I carefully picked out the glass and put the remainder of the jelly in a ziploc container. I proceeded to eat some PB with bananas, then went out to check my email.

When I came back, Keith asked me "Did that peanut butter taste a little sandy to you?". Um. No. But, if he had jelly with that sandwich I'm pretty sure it wasn't sand that he was crunching on......although glass is also silacious! He wouldnt let me throw it out (Mom - Does that remind you of anyone????) but luckily we haven't run into any sandy patches since :)

OK, good news, finally! We got the apartment we wanted and will be moving in next Friday. Fortunately, my hunny buns is also coming to visit this weekend, so I will have an extra set of hands to help out (I'm sure thats exactly what he was counting on doing!). Hopefully we will be doing some fun things this weekend so I have good things to report. I swear if I spend the whole time in the apartment I am doomed to go mad!!!

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