Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I can hardly stand it. Pat will be here in two more sleeps. You know, I’m not exactly sure when I started counting things by sleeps, but it has been a while. I’m not even sure you can pluralize “sleep”. It seems to be just a bit more exciting knowing that when you wake up after that last sleep, what you were awaiting for will be there!

Anyway, in the meantime there is more, more, and more frustration for me. I really have to try hard to not bust out crying when something goes awry. I often wish I could be more like my brothers and my dad, who often don’t worry much about anything. Ever. Not me. I’m like a perpetual time bomb, just waiting to go off. Ask Keith – he pretty much laughs at me every day because I’m wound so tight. It’s not like I yell and scream or anything, I usually just cry; which has been happening at least once a day. And I’m not talking cute little tears down my cheek. I’m talking close the door so I can bawl and then fix my mascara after I’m done crying.

So, the frustration of the day? I have medication that I take daily for anxiety and depression - one that after much searching and trial and error that I really like. And, turns out, they don’t have it in Mexico. And, I’m out of refills so I can’t depend on Pat O’Brien to get it for me and bring it down when he arrives Thursday. AND, I don’t really have the time to search out for a doctor here and go and visit. So, I called my doctor practically begging him to send in a prescription to the pharmacy for one more month to buy me some more time, and he said no, because I haven’t been in for a few months. HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOO! I’m in Mexico! Its not like I can drop by! True, I should have thought about that before I left, but I was sort of preoccupied with uprooting my whole life. Anyway, I faxed him a letter practically begging him to give it to me, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Turns out they also don’t have the birth control that I really super duper love either (http://www.nuvaring.com/ It ROCKS). So I’m going to have to figure out a plan B for that as well. On the flip side, my allergy medication is shit-piles cheaper because it’s Over The Counter – so instead of paying $60 a month, I will only pay $30. That is pretty dam awesome! Actually, most medications you can get at the Farmacias here without a prescription. You tell the pharmacist what’s wrong, and they hook you up. Apparently, you only need to go to the doctor if a limb is unattached or your gushing blood. Hey, whatever works.

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