Monday, November 21, 2005

Mercados and Deportes

What a difference a couple of days makes. I’m still a bit on the lonely side, but I suppose it would be pretty difficult to round up a network of life long friends in one week. *sigh* I often have too high of expectations for myself. One of the many things I need to continue to gain patience with……

Today wasn’t very exciting at work. I had to read through and prepare a bunch of standards for testing, and also go buy some steel toed boots. On the way to the zapateria was our little pueblito in Metepec. It was hoppin because apparently Monday is the day of the Mercado. There were people and goods everywhere! I really wanted to stop, but we had to drop off some aggregate samples, so it wasn’t going to happen. The fresh fruit everywhere is enough to make your mouth water!!!!!

I also finally got up the guts to give my little souvenir gifts to my new co-workers. It was actually pretty hard, because you never know what they are thinking (like, what the heck is this crazy American giving me this dumb little thing for?!?!). I figured you really can’t go wrong with things from the homeland. I stuck with sports teams, and brought a plethora of Michigan, Pistons, Redwings, Lions and Tigers stuff…..keychains, shotglasses and cozies and the like. I am not even sure if they know what cozies are, since most beverages are served luke warm at best because even they don’t want the ice in their drinks. Its amazing how a country so big can have high speed internet access and not have potable water. I just don’t get it.

The gift giving seemed to go pretty well. Especially since they have no idea how badly the Lions and Tigers stink! Although, now they might now. The Lion’s game was broadcast here Sunday on Fox Deportes. It was exciting to get to watch the game – terrible that they lost. Also exciting (mostly for Keith) is the Thanksgiving Day game is on here too. Bummer for me, it will be one of the only times in my life that I have not watched that game. Alas, I will be working because Mexicans have no inkling of Pilgrims, Indians and cranberry goo shaped like a can.

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