Saturday, May 27, 2006

Drunk Post

you know what they say about drunk dialing / you realy shouldn't do it. Well, really, the same thing goes about drunk posting. But, I've enver been one to follow rules, so here I am.

the pic above is of me and keith at the fair a couple of hours ago. the fair is (la feria de san isidro) is half mile from our house. good thing we walked too. Because once we found the above TWO LITER bottles of your choice of TWO LITERS of corona family beer (that means corona, victoria, or leon with souviner boottle) for $100, we were ALL ABOUT IT. We walked home, and finally got home during the first quarter of the PISTONS game (whcih we get, thank the wsweet lord to ESPN INternational).

Anyway, so needess to say, 64 oz of beer is a lot for me, so I am kind of fuzzy. But I thought I would share a few pics of our adventure.

Pic 1. The flying people of somewhere. it sounds something like the bolberos de palpaloma - but I always think the flying human papaloma virus. they were totally cool

pic 2. me on some type of bull from some where. he is soo cute. his name is dumbo. the special bull from somewhere. i think i paid $20 pesos to mount him.

pic 4. me on a mechanical bull. after about 1 liter of beer. I think i paid $20 for this too. Luckily keith didn-t get video of me getting bucked off. you can see how fast i was going. so you can imagine how fuzzy i was.

pic 5. there was a baby PONY! it was soooo tiny. I think it was smaller than my cat.

so, thats about it. i'm hungry now, so i am going to get some chips while i finish
watching the 2nd half of the pistonians. btw -i finished my two liters of beer. plus one more can! wooooo hooooo!


lots o' love,
karin :o)

i just realized i missed pic 3. but i cdont feel like fixing it.

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Keif said...


You can totally tell that you were drunkie smurf...

Every other word was mispelled or there was a typo...

We'll see what's up.