Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well, i don't actually think this is what I was thinking about earlier, but its news just the same!

We finally worked out a deal with the peeps, and Pat signed the contract last night! He has the inspection tomorrow afternoon, then has to work out some business with a real estate lawyer (don't ask, its some sort of crazy Illinois law that I don't understand) and if all goes well the closing date will be June 14!!!!!

Thats pretty darn exciting, if you ask me. I will actually have a home address before I move back. Do you know how much stress that is going to take out of my repatriation??? Also less stress for my cats, since they will just have to make one flight and only be moved to one place. Thats if I can fit Milo back into the under the seat fitting cat carriers......he's gained a bit of weight. He's back up to 16 1/2 pounds.....

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Steph said...

Hey congrats on the new house!! We close on our house the 30th of June, it's scheduled to be done mid-June and then we do our final walk through!! Finally!! I'm so counting down the days, I'm sick of my current roommates! hahaha