Friday, May 19, 2006

Weigh In day!

So, I gained a pound - 164 this morning.....Not really that surprising since I pretty much pigged out the whole time in Chicago. Well, that and I have been eating nothing but Sal y Limon fritos with cream cheese. I did make a commitment to start eating better again though, so I'm not completely off the wagon. I think I will start.....tommorrow :) I'm still keeping track of what I eat and I have managed to still do light exercise, so I will be stepping it up a notch soon.

Tonight I will be heading to DF with co workers for a yummy dinner and some tequila. Its basically a celebration for those who work here but are contract employees. Basically, Apasco peeps get their bonus, and the contract people don't, so they try to be nice and give them some good steak. I'm kinda excited because the restaurant we're going to imports all the beef from the US. So I won't be afraid that its dog meat or something.

Oh yeah, and I decided its retarded to be embarrassed about my submission, so here it is. Week 3 Submission. Just be forewarned, its kinda mushy and personal and pathetic. Really, I swear I am a strong confident person not dependent on a man for my happiness.....Its just kinda hard that first night apart, and that's when I wrote this.

I think I am also kinda embarrassed because my layout doesn't have as many comments as others. It makes me feel bad when I have the same amount of comments as the layouts that I think aren't that great. Which makes me think that mine isn't that great. But I really like my layout, so it shouldn't matter what anyone I still say its a great layout, and that's all that matters, right?

Heck, I made it two rounds past where I thought I would, and I got the free kit, so I got what I came for. Aww who the heck am I kidding. I really don't enter a competition with the expectation of not winning. I'm way too competitive for that. I get mad when I lose at Word Racer or Dominos when I'm playing against Pat O'Brien on Yahoo! Games. So really, I'll be bummed if I get voted off the scrapbook island, but I'll manage to deal.

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