Monday, May 22, 2006

Yeeeee HAW!

I had a good weekend! I managed to have some fun while at the same time being productive! I finished a huge scrapbook project, did ALL my laundry (even put it away!), went grocery shopping, attended a first communion mass/party and had dinner with my lab folks.

First, the dinner. I was the only chick there. It was the restaurant ANGUS in La Zona Rosa in Mexico City. The waitresses were conveniently dressed in very tight very low cut semi-traditional rancher girl dresses, while the hostsess donned leather tassled miniskirts and boots. The food and drink was great. But I did understand why it was mostly middle aged business men type clientle. There was appreciation of ALL different body types by the men. These girls weren't plastic or perfect, but all very beautiful.....and the guys let them know, in very respectful ways :) I also learned the term "Tacos de Ojos". At first I thought they were talking about some gross dish, like tounge tacos or something....but turns out Eye Tacos is the euphamism used in Spanish like Eye Candy is in English. It just sound funny, doesn't it? Eye Tacos. I guess it makes about as much sense as Eye Candy; I'm just not used to it.

Saturday I went to a first communion party thingy. Which was more like a county fair / wedding reception. The two girls who made thier first communion had some serious fancy poofy wedding like white dresses, about 200 guests, games and inflatable jumpy things for kids, a clown, great food, lots of beer, music and dancing. I left for Mexico City at 7:30AM, mass was at 9 and the party didn't start until 2PM, so by 5PM I was pretty beat and had a headache, so I left. Just as I was leaving, the Mechanical Bull showed up. I wished I had been feeling better, because that would have been super fun! I talked to Veronica this morning and she said they were up until 2AM or so. I guess I am just not that hard core anymore!

Sunday was all the home stuff. It felt pretty good to get some things done, although there were about 50 other things that I didn't get done....I start my spanish classes again this week, so I probably won't be getting to those things for a while, either. Eh, what are you gonna do? I suppose I will just learn to Go With The Flow....

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