Thursday, May 04, 2006

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Yesterday was an OK day. I actually got to communicate a lot in Spanish with people in the field, and they seemed to understand me well, which is a big plus. I'm sure I sound like an idiot, but as long as I get my point across I suppose all is well.

The crappy part of yesterday is that we stood around waiting for people a good part of the day. Two hours waiting for clearence to enter the airport grounds to go to our plant, waiting for the plant manager, waiting to be picked up after lunch, waiting for my coworker to get checked out by medics on the airfield (he had a low blood sugar episode, dizzy, fuzzy arms and hands, etc).

I finally got home after a long day, only to have to drain my flooded balcony - it was holding about 4 inches of water, and the drain was clogged. I disovered it in the morning, but I couldn't do anything about it because I had to meet my coworker. Turns out it was full for three or four days, (we've had torrential downpours every day for the past week or so) and had seeped through to the maids quarters below, which is used as my storage area. It ruined two boxes full of stuff, which were going to Charity anyway, but it still sucked to clean it all up.

On the positive note, I am working on a project for my cousin for her graduation. Its a scrapbook of her life :) She's going to display the finished products at her graduation party, which sadly I can't attend. So, i'm going to do digital pages, and then have them printed and sent to her. I've done a few so far, and the one I did today is my favorite (so far). It got me all choked up - A. because I'm really emotional, B. because its cool to see my grandpa all soft on this little teeny girl, and C. because I miss him. He was a cool dude.

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Anonymous said...

You were SO cute when u were a little gal. What Happened??

just kiddin'-you still are, silly.