Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Orange juice and cherry stems

I forgot to mention one thing about my dinner last Friday night. Danica, if you are reading this, you are officially now famous in Mexico. While having dinner I mentioned to my coworkers that one of my best friends could tie a cherry stem in knot with her mouth/tongue. They were amazed about this concept, and very impressed with this skill (or as they called it, a gift) as apparently dumb bar tricks have not made their way south of the border yet. As a matter of fact, they all very much would like to meet you now, Danica. Then when I told them you were tall and blonde, they were even more intrigued :)

On my way to work yesterday I was noticing how many different roadside stands I pass with fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice in the mornings. I often follow the advice of nutritionists and eat the fruit instead of the juices (which almost always have a ton of sugar added). But really, I should be enjoying this perk of my assignment. When else am I going to have access to such a plethora of fresh squeezed orange juice? NEVER! I think I will make it a point to stop once a week. After all, it is only about $10 pesos for a liter of juice.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - I never dreamed my 'gift' would make me famous in Mexico. I haven't tried that in awhile - guess I better practice before I visit you!