Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Thursday

As I was driving into work today I had a very important idea that I wanted to write about, it was incredibly poignent and very intellegent. But I have forgotten. So, here are a few other random updates:

I made it to Week 3 of the Ultimate Digiscrapper - but i feel more comfortable sharing my layout with strangers than with people that actually know me, because now that I re-read it, I made myself sound pretty pathetic. So, I haven't decided if I am going to put a link up or not. We'll see, I'll decide later.

I was supposed to go to an Alejandro Fernandez concert tonight.....well, its actually a Palenque (cock fight) with a concert at the end. Anywho - its rescheduled for next wednesday. Which is better because then maybe Keith can drive us there and pick us up, so we don't have to walk the whole two blocks to the fair grounds. Its retarded close, but it will be dark and there are no street lights and there are rabid dogs running rampant, so I don't think I want to walk. We can't get Keith an extra ticket, so he's SOL, not like he wanted to see a romantic ballad singer anyway.

Speaking of Keith - I'm excited he's coming back so I can stop being a homebody. It's getting kind of stale. Its like I don't even want to go outside of my house after I get in from work. he'll be back here on Monday............

So, thats about it. Nothing else new or exciting. I'll check you all later, gators.

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