Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Week 4 Entry

I didn't think I would finish it so quickly, but I wrapped it up tonight! WhoooooOOoo HOOoOooOOO! I had a seriously hard time finding a subject, but once the idea came, it just started a flowin :)

The Ultimate Digiscrapper Week 4 Submission

I'm pretty happy with the end result - especially since I forced myself to try to be "poetic" with the journaling. Not to shabby for this engineer. So, same story - we find out Sunday night, 8:30PM central time. Keep your fingers crossed. If I make it to the final round I actually get prizes and stuff. That would be totally the coolest.


Anonymous said...

Karin - I am proud to say that you are my dorky little cousin!!! This is REALLY cool! - Chana

Karin said...

Thanks Chana :o) I'm proud to BE your dorky little prima! {{ABRAZOS}}