Monday, May 15, 2006

My Kind of Town - CHICAGO!

This weekend was a whirlwind, but definitely a good time! We saw SPAM-A-LOT, which was hilarious, shopped for jeans and shoes, went to a graduation party for my Cousin Wil, saw about 1000 homes, and actually managed to get the list down to two and make some offers. Our first choice was a bit out of our price range, but we threw out an offer just to see what would happen. They didn't come down as much as we wanted, so, we decided to persue our other choice. Its definitely a cute one! Here's a couple of pics.....

Hopefully we'll find out if they accepted our soon. The suspense is killing me! If all works out well, Pat O'Brien will close at the end of June and have July to leisurly move his stuff to the new place. Then, at the end of July I will come to help unpack, and also make a quick trip to MI to go to the Diaz family reunion......thats if I can find a ticket......

Other highlights - Pat wanted to buy me a new pair of nice good jeans, but that whole experience didn't quite work out. Apparently Seven and True Religion designers don't want to showcase thier jeans on anyone larger than a size 8! I've lost some weight, but i'm not quite down that small, yet. But, shoes always fit! He saw some Pumas that some chick was wearing a while ago that he thought were pimp tight, so we went looking for those. It took us a few tries - the Puma Store, Bloomingdale's and finally, we found THE pair at Nordstrom's. So, I got some new kicks. They are way too cute on me, and make my feet look even cuter (if that is possible!), and are super duper comfey. I almost didn't take them off last night I like them sooooo much.

Now, its back to work. I am trying my best to maintain a good attitude, but its really hard for me to fake it. I will say that I am faring much better much sooner than other maybe I am finally adjusting.


eunice said...

You have great taste in shoes, I have the same pair of Pumas in white. They're SO comfy...

PS. You and Pat also have great taste in apartments, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. The place looks awesome!

Reno said...

I like the pictures of the condo. Looks very nice! Moe never told me what part of the city you guys will be in.
So how are things south of the border? I should read this blog more often to catch up on things. But you still make such a great case to come visit Mexico: kidnapping risks, floods on your balconies, rabid dogs roaming freely. Man sounds GREAT!
Things are OK here - Seamus will graduate from preschool next week and Larkin says a new word everyday. I have class twice a week, but 3 more months and I 'm DONE!
Take care and we will see you soon.
Also - amazing how many websites you come up on when I put your name in. SOme funny stuff I came across!