Monday, September 11, 2006


First note - It should go without saying but if you didn't know, today is September 11, and if you haven't already take a minute to say a silent prayer for those who lost thier lives, and those whose lives were forever changed by that day......which pretty much is all of us, isn't it?

This weekend was pretty chill - I think most of you know by now. I spend the better part of it parked infront of a book or computer, and I managed to get lots of scrapping done. Apparently it was a ME weekend, because I actually made like three pages of just myself. They were all for challenges, but its kind of nice to be able to be instrospective and appreciate myself for once - its kind of an esteem boost.


Digiscraplift from Basic Grey class at ACOT; papers - apple cider - jen wilson; stitches - katie pertiet, shannon lee; stamp alpha - Michelle Coleman

These next two were for a challenge - one part was to use only photos of yourself (of which I subjected Keith to taking about over 200 of me....but I got some nice shots of myself!) and the other was to use an ad for inspiration.


Everything by Jen Wilson Designs: Papers – Meaning3; Swirls – Urban Bohemian; Stamps – Worn Foam Stamps; Masking Tape – Hold It downs;Font – Hurricane, Jenkins

Pat O'Brien didn't care for this one much - I loved it! He said the pic looks like I'm either in the Throws of Passion or taking a really good dump. Hm....I didn't know those two looks were that similar. I thought I did a good job editing the pic - cutting it out and photoshopping an arm in. The original pic Keith took cut off one of my arms, and it looked weird so I added one in from another pic. can you tell which one it is? As I was doing this Keith realized the potential of this photoshop ability, and probably will be asking me to put him in a picture running with the bulls or something. Who knows.

Papers – Jen Wilson Meaning 3; Swirls – Jen Wilson – Glitter Kitchen, Urban Bohemian, Meaning1; Butterfly – Jen Wilson Summer Travels – Field of Color; Moth – Melaney Violette; Alpha – Jen Wilson Antique Stamp, Tarnished Gold; Font – Jefferson from;Drop Shadow Actions – Tracy Murphy


I also managed to scrap a page while a bit toasty - thats Keith's fault....he makes really good Vodka Tonnys (as he calls them) and they went down awefully smooth. So, here's the result of that night....not to bad if you ask me.

LA FERIA DEL SAN ISIDRO - note about this one....the pic on the left of a girl in tight pants - its not a girl its a manniquin! We thought it was funny because they don't make manniquins like that in the US now, do they?

This is a 2 page 8.5x11 layout :); Paper & Elements - Jen Wilson Meaning #1; Journaling Reads: The fair was like, less than a mile from our house - just down the road - for two weeks in May. It was annoying because it was loud, but when we finally checked it out we had a great time! Good thing we walked, too, because 2 liter coronas hit you pretty hard!

Well, I suppose its back to work. I was all motivated this morning and ready to take on my never ending list of tasks, but then I was in a meeting that was 45 minutes longer than it needed to be - and that just zapped me of energy. Hopefully I'll find it again soon because I got lots of crap to take care of today.


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