Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Soooooo........more good news on the Scrapbook front! I was chosen to be a creative team member for Shannon can find her awesome designs at I seriously was sooooooo excited when I read the email! I absolutely love her designs - and she has some of the coolest elements around - I can't wait to get started! I also get to add this cute little blinkie to the end of my signature at all the scrapbook message boards :)
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Here's her official announcement at her website. It was soooo cool to see my name up there!

I realized today just how stripped down those cute little ol VW bugs are...affectionately known as Bochitos around central Mexico. They don't have blinkers. Their front headlights blink when they want to turn. I still love them. I want one so bad :o) But I suppose its just not practical.....but a girl can dream.

The 16 of September is quickly approaching - the real Mexican Independance Day (once again, 5 de Mayo is only the celebration of the victory of a small battle in Puebla). If just the calender wasn't reminder enough - the plethora of big ass flags and all things red white and green totally give it away. Its kind of ridiculous, but also cool in a picturesque kind of way.

I mean, in the US we're all sorts of patriotic, especially since the deployemet of many service people in the past couple of years.....but I don't think I've ever seen someone strap Old Glory to the hood of thier '76 Ford Pick Up. Yup - I've seen that on the hood of more than one car. Also saw a taxi with a sombrero strapped to its luggage rack. Pretty flippin hilarious.

As over the top as it is, the display of the carts selling the patriotic goods is pretty impressive. I think I may take a trip to the center of the city or the mercado to take some pictures.

And I'm defintely going to buy some stuff. And maybe a big ass sombrero.

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