Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Hump Day - 8 days and counting

Oh my aching body. After a week (or so) hiatus, I finally made my way back to the gym and regular exercise yesterday. I think I may have overdone it. My legs kill me – but a good hurt, you know? And instead of wussing out on exercise today because I was sore, I still managed to snag 45 minutes of yoga. Good deal :) I’m kind of proud of myself!

Other good news - I finally switched to Blogger Beta - not sure what benefits I'll get from it, but we'll see whats up.

8 more days till I get to see my Patrick O'Brien!!!!!

So, the festivities over the weekend were fun. Friday I did get to buy and wear my Mexican Sombrero with Viva Mexico Cabrones in the brim, and we also managed to miss the grito that night because we were all too drunk to go back to downtown to here it. I was more sloshed than I have been in a while – so much so that when our worldly group of friends started talking Politics (there were French, English, Mexican, and of course Americans) I just got all emotional and riled up about Bush and the world’s perception of us and I was crying. No, I was BAWLING. That’s when Keith knew it was time to go home. I think the reason I was so worked up over everything is earlier in the day Keith and I went to see the movie The Twin Towers – with Nicolas Cage. Not usually a big fan of him, but really liked the movie, even if I started tearing up at the beginning and was full out bawling at the end. Hey man, even Keith cried at parts.

Anyway, We had a good time though – we got to meet Fidel, the chocolate lab of Kate & Marco, Kate cooked some killer burgers and salad, and their house is this beautiful rustic Mexican home, bigger than ours, prettier, and of course cheaper. *sigh* why does everyone here take advantage of Americans?

Saturday I was a trooper and despite my hangover we still went with the Belmont Family to Valle de Bravo and Colorines to see their family. Really loved Valle, even though there were too many people there. It was just a good atmosphere and relaxed. Oh, and LOTS of loaded (money wise) people running around. Kind of reminded me of Aspen – with all the little shops and rich folk. Except with Mexicans.

After stopping in Valle we went to the next pueblo over of Colorines, where Fernando’s grandparents & great grandma live. We walked around a bit and called it a night pretty early……the next morning we had a great breakfast with the whole fam damily, and then headed back home so we could still have a chance to watch some football…..We got some great pics – I’ll have to upload some soon.

Monday brought us back to the daily grind, not much new has happened since. Oh yeah, not much other than a heart attack from the Mexican government telling me I owe them over $30,000 pesos by the 29th! It was a tax mix up though, and they are reworking the figures, of which I will not be responsible for one red peso – its one of the things Holcim US picks up, thankfully.

Other than that, I’m preparing to have a super fall scrap-a-thon this weekend, which should be fun, maybe get a game of tennis in……who knows. Have a great day!

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