Friday, September 08, 2006

Is it really Friday???

The week flew by - maybe I should be sick more often NOT! Its good for time to fly though. Pat O'Brien and I are right smack dab in the middle of our longest Non seeing each other stretch. Before I left we said we would aim to see each other once a month - once every six weeks at the most. Luckily we've kept true to our word.....we have our visits planned out / tickets purchased through December.

Its been an expensive venture, but I don't think I would have it any other way. On one hand, going back to the US so much has probably inhibited my ability to fully immerse myself here - and every time I come back to Mexico after being gone my Spanish seems to take a step back. Then again I could say the same for my US TV watching...and talking to Pat O'Brien every day on the phone. or computer. Whatev. On the other hand, my relationship with him really is more important than anything to me - seeing as how he's going to be the father of my children and all, so if I have to sacrifice a little of my experience here in order to keep him AND sill have my life here, than I suppose its a small price to pay.

Not much in store for this weekend seeing as how the fundage fairy hasn't magically deposited money into my account. Saturday Keith has to work and I have my fantasy football draft (yes I know the first game was last night, and No, I don't know how thats all going to figure in). Saturday night I have a super scrap-a-rama chat, as I will every Saturday night for the next 6 weeks. its a contest thingy. I'm excited because chats usually = free stuff. Sunday maybe we'll peruse the market, and I can look for wedding head gear. I feel more comfortable going to the Market with Keith around.......I don't know how I'd feel about going myself. I might also try to sell my wedding dress there too. It would be nice to get that off my hands.

Oh yeah, and I have to fire my maid on Saturday too. Drats.

So I wish to all a safe and virus free weekend. Catch you on the flip side.

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