Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sweet Sweet Victory

Today marks the real beginning of NFL Football. Yes, the first game was on Thursday, but there are few things that beat the feeling of (almost) the entire league playing at once. It feels so good.

So, why is this such a sweet sweet victory?

1. We have NFL Sunday ticket on our satalitte....that means every week we'll be able to watch our fabulous LIONS! WHoo HOOO! Go DETROIT! It also means we have a non-stop access to ALL games and stats, which brings me to our next point.....

2. All these channels gives us fabulous chances to see our star players, since Keith and I both are engrossed in Fantasy Football. I'm on two leagues - one with lots of beginners that Keith is running, and another with my Scrapbook friends online. Don't laugh man - some of them know what they are doing. Or at least thier husbands do! Keith is on like, 50 teams.....which is ridiculous, but it gets him really into EVERY game thats on. There's even a channel where we can watch all the games at once.

3. Another HUGE benfit of the Sunday Ticket - all the games are broadcast from the respective networks, so we get the English sportscasters.....which is great unless its Madden. The dude is ancient. But, Keith had a good point, if he's not on TV, how are the kids going to know who the heck he is and still want to buy his endorsed football video games?

4. Sportscasters aren't even the best thing - its the commercials! Keith and I have been CRACKING up because they are all so new to us. At the same time, this has its downside when they show yummy succulent Taco Bell and TGI FRiday's offerings.....and we can't have any :( Same goes for all the TV Premiers they are advertisiing. Its like a huge tease!

5. We had pizza for lunch. A victory in of itself because I ordered it over the phone and had it delivered. It took about 30 minutes to get it all right, but I did it! The only thing better would have been buffalo wings, too, but we opted for these little jalepeno tater tot things instead. They were OK, but I still could use some wings.

6. These are the only acceptable days where I'm allowed to coordinate clothing with Patrick. Not like I'm a big fan of matching jumpsuits and such, but it is kinda cute to wear similar Lions gear. And he just looks so GOOD when he wears jerseys - he's got such big broad muscular shoulders, and he's so big and strong. *SIGH* he just looks so damn dreamy.

Yes, football season is very very good to me :)


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