Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Paying my Taxes

Not sure if I commented here about the whole Tax fandango issue I had last week…..I CAME into work Monday to find an email that said I owed over $30000 pesos in taxes to the Mexican government (which I think is crap, but whatever). I was FLIPPING OUT! I started crying – thinking how the heck am I going to come up with that money – that we weren’t going to have a wedding because I had to pay taxes – I was hyperventilating! But, then I decided to call HR in Dundee, and that’s when I learned that Holcim US pays those taxes. OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! I think I knew that before, but I had obviously forgotten.

So, after an adventure trying to get a wire transfer to my bank account, I had the money and I had the instructions to do everything online. But couldn’t figure it out dude – not with my brains and the 100 Mexicans that tried to help me! I asked everyone in the office, and even went to the bank – where she finally gave me an 800 number to call – which was COMPLETELY USELESS! Finally, I decided to call PWC (the peeps who do my taxes) here in Mexico City - and I wish I would have done that yesterday. It took us a while to figure it out, but our entirely fluent Spanglish conversation went very well, and I finally payed my Mexico Taxes two days before they were due! This is good because I really don’t want to spend any time in a Mexican jail!

Other fun news – ONE MORE SLEEP!

Other more fun news – I got a manicure last night after I went to buy goods to make meatball soup. It was a tiny little shop, and I got a rockin French manicure for $100 pesos. What a steal. And I feel all pretty today – I just hope I can keep them looking good for another day so Pat O’Brien can see how pretty they are. And a word about meatball soup – it was one of the meals my grandma makes and we absolutely LOVE to eat! Both Keith and I have been craving it for a while, so I found a recipe and I’m going to try my hand at it tonight. I had Keith peel and cut the veggies though – I don’t want to risk messing up my pretty pretty fingers!

I guess I've been into scrapping buddies lately - I have come to find I don't have many digipics of some of my friends from college - and the pics don't quite scan right......but, I managed to do another college friends layout. A Mexican, a Jew and a Chinese girl walk into a bar.....No, not the beginning of a joke - its the tale of me, Beth and Eunice! This is our last trip together before I moved to Mexico. It’s a two page layout, but I’m posting three pics (one together, page one and page two) so you can get the full effect. This also features some cute little shoes by Karin McCombs – of which I am a member of her CT! As always, you can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Papers & Elements - Jen Wilson Apple Cider; Template - Gina Miller; Shoe template - Karin McCombs; Alpha - Melany Violette

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