Thursday, September 21, 2006

T – 7 Days

One week away from my honeybuns!

In internet news – I have revamped my MySpace Account after months of neglect. Looks much cleaner and nicer. I must say, yes it’s a place for teenyboppers and such, but I have been put in touch with many people I haven’t seen in YEARS! Recently, I got a message from my very first boyfriend, Brad VanPelt, whom I haven’t seen since, like, 5th grade (which is when he was my boyfriend). That’s kind of cool!

Also, I recently downloaded Firefox Mozilla and made it my new internet browser. Everyone raves about it – the jury is still out for me. I tend to not like significant change, and after using Internet Explorer for the past 10 years it won’t be an easy one. But there are some features I like, such as the tabbed browsing, and the pictures seem to load much faster….so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thursday. Ah…..that means it’s almost Friday and that means it’s almost time for my super Scrap-A-Thon weekend at A Cherry On Top!. ACOT is probably my fav online scrapping community, and turns out the headquarters is a real live store – in SAGINAW!!! How weird is that? Anyway, seeing as that nothing else is really going on (we are having an ISO Audit today, luckily I don’t get to participate because I’m just a passeryby), I thought I would indulge my super scrap happy mood and share my most recent layouts – cuz I know you all wanna see ‘em :)

I think this first one might possibly be one of my most favorite layouts ever. I finished it LATE last night for the Jen Wilson Meaning #4 challenge – and still managed to get up and go to the gym this morning. I’m ROCKIN!


Stitching – Shannon Lee; Stamped Letters – Michelle Coleman; Font – the Blue cabin
Everything else by Jen Wilson - Sketch - Meaning 4 challenge; Papers & elements – Meaning 4; Lace – Autumn Bouquet; Big flower, journaling block – Country Carnivale; Little flowers – Urban Bohemian

Journaling reads: Being so far away from you - choosing to be so far away from you - has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. At times I feel so lonely – wanting to be close, to touch you, hold you, love you – yearning and pining in the worst way. Alas, when I need a hug I must settle for the snuggle of a kitty. But I am so proud of us – so proud of how we’ve handled this and how we’ve grown – and so happy that its almost over! Soon, I will be in your arms – for good!

This is a Shannon Lee CT layout. I liked the layout I did with this design so much in the Feria de San Isidro page, I decided to make my own template so I could use it over and over again! I have so many experiences that would perfectly fit this template!

Celebrate Me! Kit by Shannon Lee at; Font – Collegiate

Mom & Dad
This is another one for the Shannon Lee CT – loved the colors almost as much as I love this photo of mom & dad – they just look so cute :) Karli took this with the new camera we all bought her for her 15th birthday.

Paper, flower, stitching, ric rac, clipboard clip - Shannon Lee Autumn Glory at; Drop Shadows - Tracy Murphy; Planner Paper, Envelope Tab - Gina Miller BYOBB Set; Alpha - Kim Christensen Summer Nights; Template - Jeannie Papai

Halloween Camping 2004
I’m totally going to miss going this year!

Template - Gina Miller Simply Sketches 2; Papers & Elements - Jen Wilson Midnight Jack; Black crackle paper (on circles) - Heather Ann Goulish Delight; Fonts - Rage, Jefferson, Orlando

And no, thats not a webcam on Samson's head, its a 3rd eye because he was an alien for Halloween!

Journaling Reads: I had the honor of planning our annual Halloween camping trip in true Karin style - way overboard! We created Dr. Moco's Mad Laboratory - complete with brains, chemical lab, icky specimens and the like. We also had lots of scientists, and a couple of growth, cloning and mutation experiments. We all had a BLAST! Our campsite won 1st place and most creative, which is a box full of smores, dog treats and a nice plaque for keepsakes. Really though, it is just doing fun stuff with my family and having them love me even though I'm a little crazy!

And last but not least,
Seamus & Sparty
Yeah yeah I know –its almost like I’m a traitor or something. Just to clarify, I am a True Blue Wolverine....but my Pat O’Brien’s nephew Seamus just looked so darn cute I couldn't help myself to scrap it! Ahhh, Scrapbooking, bringing the world together in peace :D

Papers - Jen Wilson Grass Stains, Apple Blossoms; Football paper, paperclip, tie - Lori Barnhurst Grungy Games; Tag - Jen Wilson Meaning 3; Fonts - Jailbird Jenna & Susie's Hand

Journaling reads: Reno said, "Seamus had a great time at his first Sparty game over the weekend. Right when we got there he got to meet Sparty himself and took this picture with him. Seamus then found out about the joys of tailgating and loved it. He could not get over all of the food and pop he could have! He loved the game, even between the 3 bathroom visits!"

(Reno is his dad, Steve, or Steve-a-Reno)

Ok, so thats all I got for now. I'm going to try to get some reading done. Fun standards for concrete and such. Yippie for me!

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I can not believe how much your Dad is stating to look like your Grampa! Always thought Paul held that honor. :)