Sunday, September 10, 2006

Amazing Disgrace

So I fired my maid. All went smoothly. I was afraid I was going to get all emotional and chicken out and just tell her we didn't have enough money to continue using her services....But I ended up saying that I appreciated the work she did, but we wouldn't need her to work for us anymore. I said many things have been missing, and although I can't prove it was her that took them, that I just don't trust her anymore, and I hope she understands. Really, it sucked. But, I'm proud of myself because I stood up for myself even though it would have been easier the other way.

In other news, I finished a book last night that I thoroughly enjoyed, even though I cried a lot while reading it. Its called Amazing Disgrace, and it was written by one of my childhood neighbors. She had a book signing in Saginaw a few weeks ago, so my parents bought me the book and Keith brought it back here with him.

I'm not a very good person to do "reviews" per say, but I can say I identified with the main character in some ways, primarily the way she was searching to find her place in religion. Many of the interactions with her family and her boyfriends family were quite interesting....It was funny, because I just kept thinking about how I was reading a novel written by a friend.....But after the first chapter I was sucked in by the story and characters and just completely forgot about that. I read it in one day.
I Started about midnight on Friday night, just trying to pass the time until Pat called when he got home from the bar.....But I couldn't put the book down until 4AM! I read a couple hours on Saturday, then finished Saturday night around 2AM. It was an easy, fun, albeit emotional read. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in real life stories - it doesn't really fit into ay classification, I guess I'd call it more of a drama. It was very good - I'll look forward to her next novel, hopefully which she'll release soon :)

Aside from it being a good read, the packaging was SOOOOOO adorable! I love the colors and small picture on the front. Actually, I thought it would make a good scrapbook page :)


Did I mention she is a U of M alum as well? Its always good to support your fellow alums, right?

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