Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Knee Surgery Anniversary

Pat O'Brien sent me an ecard commemorating my anniversary of my knee surgery. of course, hallmark doesn't really make those kinds of cards, so he found a fun Thanksgiving one instead. He's sooo adorable :) And, it was Hoops and Yoyo, of course, they are my favorite cyber friends.

I have so much work to do, but I am not being very diligent at getting anything done. I have a real problem wiht being productive inthe mornings. It seems that I don't really get into my groove until the afternoon, and of course, we only have 3 hours after lunch....and I'll be damned if I'm going to stay any later than I have to.

Week 1 fantasy football - went terrible in the Beginners Ball league - of course it didn't help me that the Raiders got clobbered and their whole offense didn't have over 100 yards - so Randy Moss didn't have many points. Also not helping - my QB got his brains knocked out, so he didn't produce much for me either. But, in the Hail Mary's leage (my scrappin league) I'm in 4th place....which is much better than my performance of 14th out of 14 in BB.

We're still trying to find plans to do fun things this weekend, for Mexican Independance day. We had an invitation to go to Michoacan to a small village where they still shoot guns up in the air after the grito, but really, that sounded more scary than fun, and I don't think i'd be able to enjoy myself with a bunch of drunk Mexicans with guns. The bar scenes from The Three Amigos just keeps on popping into my head.....Keith wasn't that trilled about the idea either, so I'm hoping we can just find something around here to do.

At the very least, I will drink tequila and wear a big ass floppy straw sombrero that says "VIVA MÉXICO CABRONES" across the brim. I find this highly amusing because I only thought dumb drunk American tourists wore hats that big, but apparently its tradition to wear them for this celebration. I remember the first time I put on a sombrero - a pretty, sequined one that the Mariachis wear, and I put it on backwards. I remember my cousin Wil telling me "thats very white of you Karinski" :) What do you expect from a half Mexican, half white girl! I haven't made the mistake again, though :)

I went to the Mercado yesterday to see if I could find any deals on Lasso's or wedding tiara stuffs, but I didn't see anything.....Also was trying to see if I could sell my wedding dress, but to no avail. I might try Mercado Libre, which is Mexico's version of eBay and see what happens. I did manage to buy myself some BEAUTIFUL long stem red roses - 3 dozen for $7 :) They are so incredibly fragrant and beautiful!

I also had an incredible feat this month......I managed to only charge on my credit card a grand total of $70! Of course, both my US and Mexico checking acounts are about as dry as they can be, but that is OK. This is a huge feat since I've had issues with those stupid things since the man at U of M offered me a free T shirt to fill out an application. Alas, I promised myself I will be credit card debt free by time I make it back to the US, which should not be a huge problem as long as I continue to stick to my plan. Especially since I have some extra income to spend that I used to pay the maid :).

Speaking of my maid, Keith and I are working out a cleaning system instead of hiring a new muchacha. Just seems better so I am more used to the idea and actions of cleaning myself when I repatriate. We...or rather I....decided that we'll do the dishes once a day, take off shoes when coming inside, and each be responsible for our own bedrooms & bathrooms. Mopping, sweeping and dusting and stuff will probably take place when we decide it needs it, maybe every other week or so. So far so good....I hope we can keep it up!

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