Monday, March 13, 2006

Blah weekend

While Keith was off galevanting in caves this weekend, I decided to stay home and get some much needed relaxation. Except that it was too much relaxation, and I was super bored. I tried to keep myself busy with hobbies and shopping, but I ended up lamenting over the fact that I was a million miles away from home / no friends / no Pat O'Brien and I just kept feeling sorry for myself. At least on Saturday, anyway. Here's a hint, if you're feeling sorry for yourself, it ends up being pretty hard to be creative as far as scrapbooking goes.

Saturday I got up early (or rather Matilde woke me up with her cleaning activities) and decided to try to find the only scrapbook store within a million miles of me - somewhere in Mexico City. I grabbed my map and two hours later, I arrived. I couldn't find it because it was actually inside a house without a sign or anything, and you had to ask someone to let you inside the gates. All in all, a nice store, although its no Ever was pretty tiny with limited selection, but I was happy to have anything since I can't even get any supplies at the local wal-mart.

After my 45 minute drive home, I pretty much tried to scrap all day. But I was occasionally distracted by a big orange fuzzy cat that kept on laying on all my stuff. I also was trying to finish catching up with the Sopranos, since the 6th season started yesterday and I am only half way through the fourth.....turns out I won't be getting the Sopranos on HBO here anyway, so I have lots of time, at least until the 6th season comes out on DVD.

Sunday I really intended to go to church, but I woke up super late and decided it wasn't worth stressing out to hurry and try to make it on time. So, I took a shower and decided to go shopping for some new clothing - for the first time. I have been avoiding it because A) I don't know my size in Mexican and B) I was afraid they wouldn't have sizes big enough for me. Turned out not to be a big deal. I scored a couple of nice things (clothing outside of the market is NOT cheap here) and am all set for my convention in Charlotte in a couple of weeks. The other cool thing is that they have onsite alterations on pants for free! All I had to do was wait 15 minutes, and they were done. I think we need to adopt that system in the US. It was AWESOME!

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