Friday, March 03, 2006

New Friends

Keith has been searching for a rugby team to play with lately, and he came across a team that was hosting none other than my alma matter for a match last night! So, I left work a bit early and we drove with crazy traffic to the practice field to see U of M play team Fox of Mexico. U of M won! It was nice to talk to young un’s of Michigans team (proudly sporting my own Michigan Rugby T), but more importantly it got us to meet some other expats on the Fox team. People from Argentina, France, Spain, Australia and South Africa – it’s a very multicultural team! We went out with them to a bar for the after match social, and it felt good to be out with new people. I made friends with one of the players girlfriend (Anna from Australia) and her friends, (Meg and Bart, husband and wife) who are from Holland. They all speak good English (and good Spanish I might add) and were excited about the prospect of new friends as well. Yay! New Friends! I definitely have been missing this element of my life!

We are going to go to another rugby game on Saturday to see two other teams, and see whats up with them. Keith has to pretty much be objective – he needs to find a team that plays close on the weekends, and also people who are from Toluca that he can hitch rides from for practice during the week. Fox has two people that live in Toluca, and one that works there – so that is pretty promising. We’ll see what happens after Saturday though. I think this rugby connection could open up a lot of doors for us – I am just wondering why it took him so long to get off his arse and contact them……

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