Friday, March 24, 2006

Things are going...

I seem to have flipped a switch. I am actually enjoying myself here. I think its a combination of things. I realized that no, I am not going to wither away and die with out Pat for a year, things are picking up at work, I have worked out most of the measly relocation problems and in general, I just decided to suck it up. No, its not perfect, and yes, its much harder than I expected - but I can decide to be miserable or decide to enjoy myself and quit being such a whiny pants. It feels rather nice.

Keith had his first rugby practice in Polanco (in Mexico City) last night. I don't know why, but I feel like he can't get along safely without me. Maybe its just my built in sister-ness. Anyway, the entire time he was gone I was trying hard to not freak out. He's a big boy and perfectly capable of caring for himself - yes, he doesn't speak spanish that well yet, but I don't know why I always have this built in fear for him. Luckily, he placates me and called before he was on his way home - I'm sure I drive him crazy though at times.

Whats on the horizon for me? The American Concrete Institude Spring Convention, in Charlotte, North Carolina. I leave tomorrow morning, or rather late tonight at about 3:30AM. I am taking the bus to the Airport (there is one that runs directly from the Toluca bus station to the international departure area) and its only $100. Seeing as how it would cost $160 plus Keith's time for him to drop me off, I figured this was a better route to go. I'm excited to see Pat O'Brien again - his flight gets into Charlotte about 10 minutes before mine. It seems like this month has passed more quickly than the last one. Probably because I wasn't feeling so sorry for myself this time. It should be a good time - concrete nerds abounding, beer, and old coworkers :) I will be there through Wednesday, so I will update when I get home.

Oh, and by the way, the little puppies we are dog sitting really don't bark that much. Just a little now and again. I am pretty sure Keith is exagerating.

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Kieran said...

There are a number of reasons why you're definitely going to enjoy yourself there. One of them could be your impending opportunity to play the guitar in the midday heat.