Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cats and weird music

First off, I am beginning to feel like a human being again. I can semi breathe through my nose, and I can walk down the hall with out feeling like I ran a marathon......apparently the shot in the arse and the rest of my meds are working.....

Yesterday as I was wondering what my cat was squeaking about (she squeaks all the time, but it seemed today as if she was squeaking more than normal) I noticed a sore on her leg, about the size of a nickel. Now, I thought it was all good and fun the cats were protected by concrete walls on all four sides, and had a nice little garden to frolick in, but apparently I forgot to think about the threat of flesh eating bacteria in the soil or ticks and mites. I'm not sure whats going on, but it doesn't appear to be spreading rapidly. I went home at lunch to take her to the vet around the corner, but, of course, they were gone to teach classes. The groomer insisted that they would return after 4:30 until 7 - so I am going to try to take her again after work. I'm hoping its just a reaction to a tick bite, and not lyme's disease or ringworm or something like that. Ew. Especially not ring worm, because thats communicable to humans. Ick.

So, also a bit about weird music. I hear the strangest things on the radio here. Even more random than those JACK or BOB no DJ stations in the US. There are really only one or two stations that play English music, so sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I will throw it on. I have heard more Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up) in the past four months than I ever have in my life! Also, the other day we heard "The Never Ending Stooooorrrryyyyyy-----aaaahhh aaahhhh aaahhhh". Who plays that - EVER? Didn't stop Keith from rockin' out though. For the rest of the night he kept on saying "Bastian - I need a naaammmme!!!". I couldn't stop thinking of that creepy dog thing for days.

Those are usually followed by some "Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go" or maybe some of Madonna's new stuff "Hung Up" or Kelly Clarkson for good measure. Its just so random. Oh yeah, they are also obsessed with the song (I don't know the offical name of it) "In your head, in your heeaaead. Sal-ve Sal-ve (insert Sinead O'Conner voice yodels here)......And your cars and your bombs......" You get the picture. I have heard that one at least 10 times, including twice at different bars with bands who don't really speak English singing it. Very interesting. Anyway, it just reinforces the wonderfullness of iPods. So I don't have to listen to the Never Ending Story if I don't want too.

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