Monday, March 20, 2006

Fabulous Weekend!

Keith and I went to our local bar La Taska on Friday night to have a Guinness or two in celebration of St. Patrick's day. It seemed that no one else in Mexico was aware of this holiday save for the few bars. We got a free green shot with Keith's Guinness, and had an Irish car bomb, and some other Mexican beer. Nothing too crazy, we had to save energy for Saturday.

Keith decided to join the rugby team "Wallabies". He tried to go to practice once this week, but there was a whole bunch of protests in DF due to a international water conference or something, so it was cancelled. Regardless, on Saturday he got to play a whole game, and actually did pretty well. Not that I expected him to do poorly, but they played full 40 minute halves, and he doesn't get a whole lot of exercise sitting on the couch doing SODOKU's (Fun To Say, Fun To Do!). Although he has gone to our gym more frequently than I :)

Anyway, they played the University of Guanajuato, and they won, by how much I don't know. No one seems to keep track of score in rugby. All I know is Keith had some great plays, and apparently scored a Try (which I missed). And I have also decided that in general (except for Manu Girnobli) Argentinean men are beautiful. Just oh so nice to look at!

We got to the pitch at 11AM, but apparently the game was delayed and didn't start until 1PM. Which was totally fine with me, I got a whole two hours to sit in the wonderfully warm sunshine and read a book! Bad news though, I have a nice farmer tan to show for it - I had a long-short sleeve shirt on and capri's, so it looks slightly ridiculous. Not as crazy as when I burned at Teotihuacan, but still silly just the same.

Saturday night we met up with Veronica and her brother and family, and had some yummy arachara, chorizo and salchicha, along with many beers. We didn't stay too late because everyone was tired, and we made it back.

Sunday, I tried to go to church twice (MOM I SWEAR) but the first time they told me that mass wasn't until 1pm and when I went at 1 there was a wedding! Then I went shopping at Sam's Club and came home, did all my laundry, finished my book, did some scrapbooking, and chilled with my bro. All and all, a very productive rest day!

A word about the book - its called The Kite Runner, and its by some guy who I can't for the life of me remember his name. Its about two kids growing up in Afghanistan in the 70's, and comes full circle to present times. Absolutely riveting. I really didn't expect to enjoy it, and as a matter of fact I only read it because of a book club that I will hopefully be joining here soon. But, despite my prejudices, I let myself escape within its pages and really enjoyed the story, as well as learning a bit about the culture. I don't think its an Oprah's book club book, but I would recommended it anyway!

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Shannon said...

Yeah sure Mija..twice??

DF is really not that far by plane from TJ. How much longer will you be there?