Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Luck o’ the Irish be with ye all today (especially Pat O'Brien trying his luck in Vegas).

So far I am not doing too badly on my NCAA bracket – I picked 13 of 16 correctly. BUT I should have had 14 correct, if Winthrop could have beaten Tennessee!!!! They were SO close – that was my big upset pick this year. The other thing that stinks is we are getting NO coverage of March Madness here. Not like I love to sit all day and watch basketball, but I’d like the option! All our coverage is from the one English Sports Center that we get, and online. I guess it will have to do.

Anyhow – things have been OK. I still am fighting this silly allergy-ness. I was reading in “Selecciones” (Its Readers Digest in Spanish) that the two worst places to live for asthma and air quality are Mexico City and Montevideo. I think I live close enough to Mexico City to get all the crap. I think it’s been really bad for me this year because:

- I don’t get allergy shots here, which helped tremendously in Michigan
- Its really high in altitude
- Its super dry
- The air quality sucks my ass
- My stressed out-ness is making me more susceptible to being sick

So, I finally went to a regular doctor this week to discuss treatment, and he gave me a whole slew of drugs (like 10 different kinds) and sent me to get a CT scan. No, not because he thinks I’m crazy and that there’s something wrong with my brain. Contrary to what most people think I do NOT make up my allergies – that is not involved in my hypocondriacism.

Anyway, it was to take some pics of my Para nasal Sinuses…..he thought maybe there was an obstruction that was making things worse for me. BTW, CAT scan – I paid $180 for. Super cheap! Anyway, I went and picked up the results, and I have yet to take them to the doctor. I have an appointment with him in another week or so and we’ll discuss it then. Here are some of the pics. Everything looks clear, although it did confirm that I have some seriously narrow nasal passages, which I don’t think is normal, and oh yeah, my nose is crooked (suprise :) ). No tumors though - which is a good thing.

It would be great if there is something wrong with my nose/sinuses that cause me to be sick all the time. I would love for me to be healthy and actually be able to breathe. We’ll see what he comes up with though. I’ll keep you posted.

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