Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ms. Suzie McCrabby Pants

OK, what to write about……..I suppose I can just give a general update as to my wellbeing. I am happy to report that I am no longer wallowing in my heartbrokenness. I am still pretty crabby, but that is just me. Eunice helped to calm most of the dire desperiation – in fact after lunch on Monday I felt much better. Not to say I am not missing and pining for Pat O’Brien any less, its just that I am doing better at coping with the situation.

I have come to discover that whenever something doesn’t go according to plan, I tend to get crabby. I don’t always flip out (but sometimes I do), but especially if plan B doesn’t work out, I get really crabby. It happened on Saturday when we ended up at the wrong butterfly sanctuary and we didn’t get to ride horses, and it just happened right now, too. I wasn’t in a bad mood, although I wasn’t chipper either. Keith called to tell me that he couldn’t pick me up for lunch because he is out buying stuff for his trip this weekend. More about that later…..anyway, I was looking forward to coming home and having tostadas for lunch, and now I have to go get fast food. Yuck. I don’t need anymore of that on my hips, but I don’t have a lot of choice. Luckily Veronica offered to take me to lunch earlier when she saw I took a cab to work, but now I am super crabby and just want to not be here at all.

Its like I am on a super ginormous roller coaster, and it sucks. This morning I was full of live and promise – enjoying that I was here and thinking of all the opportunity, now I am just thinking of ways that I can go back to the states ASAP. It would be nice at this point if I just wouldn’t even care.

By the way, Keith has the car because he had to take Eunice to the airport this morning. We are officially back to normal and sans houseguests. Its kind of depressing, actually. The other funny thing is that I think my Spanish regressed because of all the English I was speaking. Its hard to switch between talking in one and thinking and listening….its easier just to turn it all off and do what comes naturally, which is English. Oh well. I start my Spanish classes next week, so maybe it will get easier.

About Keith’s trip – he is going this weekend with Fernando to some caves somewhere a couple hours south of Mexico City. Fernando and his friends go every year to go camping for one night and cave walking and whatever. Apparently there are portions where you have to swim in the cave, and you have to wear hardhats and lights on your head and stuff. I guess that would be cool, if you weren’t scared of the dark, enclosed spaces and Chupacabra!!! Pretty much sounds like the worst trip ever to me! Anyway, he’s going to be getting his backpack frame, pants and boots today.

It will be my first weekend alone in Toluca – I’m not sure what my plans are yet………I think maybe I will start some scrapbooking projects and just do that all weekend – its been a while since I indulged my creative side…..

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