Thursday, March 02, 2006


Many of you might know that a hobby of mine is scrapbooking. In Belleville, I had a great store that I not only purchased supplies from, but also they were my lifeline! All night scrap-a-thons, and lots of friends – it was like therapy for me to share my life’s ups and downs with those women!!! I started to miss them something fierce, its like I couldn’t restart the hobby without them to share. And, its difficult to get supplies here – I have to go to Mexico City to find anything, which is pretty much a hassle.

So, I looked up their website and found out that they started a blog for the store! It made me feel so much closer to them again – and I have decided to take Cyber Classes from them. I won’t be able to get supplies, but they can keep me inspired with ideas and sharing – even from 2000 miles away! It really brightened my day when we talked about it all……..proof that hobbies take away stress and keep your life bright!
If anyone is in Belleville, go see Monica and Terry at Ever Remembered. Not only are they talented and friendly and amazing women, they are great friends.

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