Monday, October 23, 2006

AHHHHH – I’m a bottomless PIT!!!!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::weightloss activities:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

First I would like to say, I am very happy to announce a two pound loss this week, and an official recommitment to eating healthier and exercising. Yes, I realize that I recommit a lot, but at least I’m not giving up for good! I’m proud of myself that I keep on coming back instead of saying “Sheesh, what’s the use!?!?!”. I know what I have to do, I just need to motivation to stick to it.

Another proud moment - this marks week 3 of getting my arse out of bed at 6AM to go work out. It’s working out well – even though this morning I did NOT want to go – I was back to being grumpy cursing Karin – but I did NOT give myself the option to go back to bed….although I did catch a 15 minute nap while I was waiting for Keith to get out of the shower – we don’t have quite enough water pressure to run both of our showers at the same time.

I’m trying something a little different in addition to my eDiets and Ultimate Challenges this time.

I’m a member of The Biggest Digi Loser! It was started by a group of girls who posted at, and now is an all out contents – 4 teams – 60 participants! The reason I’m doing this is because A) I really am ready to get back on track, get back on the wagon and gitty up! And B) There are some FABULOUS prizes to be had – including a cash prize for the top two % losers over the 9 week challenge and also weekly digi-prizes donated by some fabulous designers! I think some of the weekly challenges will incorporate digiscrapping too – so it seemed like a great fit!

I’m a proud member of the Green team – although I must admit it may take a while to get used to saying “GO GREEN!”.

So where does this bottomless pit theme come in? Right now. I’ve been off birth control for three cycles now, and the one major thing I have noticed is not the crazy cravings of chocolate or crazy nuts bitchiness – but rather an INSATIABLE appetite the few days leading up to my period. I mean SERIOUS bottomless pit-ness. Last month, I was with Pat O’Brien those few days leading up and I gained, like, 6 pounds in a weekend!?!?! It just seems like no matter what I eat, I cannot get satisfied! So, I’m combating this in a couple ways:

1. I’m aware. So I’m not mindlessly shoving things in my mouth. Knowing is half the battle, right? (GI Joe….the real American Hero)
2. Although it will amount to more calories than I normally eat in a day, I’ve brought some healthier type snacks to shovel in today – I’ve got grapes, ham & swiss roll ups, almonds, microwave popcorn, Green Tea & oodles of water. Also 3 Almond Hershey kisses thrown in for good measure – hey, I can’t deprive myself here!
3. I’m not going to eat any of those items unless my belly is rumbling. Which as been pretty much all day – but it’s a good rule to follow anyway. No sense in eating if I’m already full…..

Tonight I have to make a pit stop at the SuperRama to pick up some more celery and some feta cheese. Mmmmm….feta! I’m going to make a Mediterranean CousCous dish tonight that just sounds DELISH!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::weekend activities:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Friday night was a pretty chill night – although I did become engrossed in a WONDERFUL documentary on the History Channel called “THE HISTORY OF 1”. Not one person – but the number one. It was very interesting, and quite enjoyable. It trekked the journeys of the development of #1 from the times of the Romans, through India all the way to present times. They also included one’s partner, zero – and celebrated their importance. There was a whole segment on Binary code and how it came to be and how it changed the face of mathematics and computation. Binary code rocks!

Saturday was exciting – after my workout and cleaning fest (I mean SERIOUS Move Furniture Around Cleaning!) I picked up Keith from work and we hit Caliente to place a bet and then to WalMart to pick a few things up for Game 1 of the World Series! Beer and snackies and the like. We also found some real live pumpkins! Not sure when we’re going to carve them, but I’m kinda excited to do so! I’ve missed out on the whole feeling of fall with the 75°F weather and all.

It was a fun night having everyone over – we even ordered from a new local Pizza Joint that was WAY yummy! But I realized that I really don’t get to watch the game much when there are people to be talking to! Just as well the Tiger’s lost anyway – now I can’t have any more parties (Party = Loss, no party = WIN!). Glad they came back playing better in Game 2 – although Todd Jones had me worried there a bit in the 9th. I couldn’t even talk to Pat O’Brien during the game because every time I did something bad happened……

Sunday was a laundry / football / pajama all day day! I love those days sometimes!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::scrappy activities:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I didn’t get much scrapping done per se, but I did organize and label all 3000 different scrapbook elements that I have on my computer. HOORAY! It felt sooooo good to have that all done – it took me FOREVER!!! But now, it will save me oodles of time when I’m trying to find “the perfect” thing to match a picture! I used it when I was looking for stuff for this LO – It was the only one I did manage to get done this weekend – it was for a photo swap at ACOT - this little boy is just tooooo adorable!

Credits: Paper & Elements - Autumn Glory by Shannon Lee at; BeadyTrim - Shannon Lee at; Fonts - Rage, Batik Regular; Hand Stamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman

Journaling Reads:
I rode on the paths of
crisp dry leaves
that flamed with color and
crackled with laughter.

That sounds like a good enough recap for me – hope all is well with all you out there in cyberlandia!

P.S. I have 80's Party Tunes playing on the iPod now - a list created by Keith. Question for you all - can anyone hear "I Think We're Alone Now" without thinking of Tiffany's spread in Playboy???

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Janelle said...

Haha, that thing about the number 1 made me laugh . . . first because my calc teacher in high school wrote a 150-page paper on the number 1 in colleg and threatened to make us all read it and write a book report on it if our test average was below a C. . . and second because after the AP Calc test when we had nothing to do, we made a superhero movie, and I was "The One-der", and I had one arm, one leg, one eye, and all that jazz. It just made me happy I guess!