Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random thoughts......

You know, I always get all these great ideas of things to write about while I’m driving, and I always tell myself “you’re totally going to remember it this time” and I never do. I probably should carry a little notebook with me. That would also help with my general overall forgetfulness that constantly plagues me. Sigh.

I created a new scrapbook page for my October guest CT spot for Julie Howard. It a bit lighter and, for lack of a more descriptive word, floofier, than my normal style - if I even have one....but I like how it turned out. I shall call it “Cat Nap”.

Julie Howard Flip Flop Kit; Font – my own handwriting by September Myles

I miss that couch in that pic (its from January 2002) it was hella comfy - even if it was a cat hair magnet. We sold it to a very happy college kid at our mega garage sale during the great wipe out of 2005.

My ring is still sparkley :o)

Tigs play the Yanks at 1:00PM today due to the rain out from last night. Pretty much bites because I’ll be working and won’t be able to watch. Thank the sweet Lord from Pat O’Brien got me addicted to that – as if I needed more things to distract me from work. Anywho - I have a good feeling about Verlander – I think he’ll be ON today….fingers crossed – here’s to hoping for some triple digits.

I decorated my house for Halloween last night. I was wrong about Mexicans, you know? I thought they wouldn’t be into it because El Dia de los Muertos is a bigger deal. But when I came home from work yesterday, I noticed quite a bit of neighborhood decorations with orange and black, pumpkiny, ghosty and scarecrowy outside. Made me kind of bummed out that I left most of my Halloween décor (especially outside décor) with my parents. So outside all I have is a measly little ghost (although he’s really cute – no arms, kinda like a pac-man ghost) holding a itty bitty bat and two glittery bats on sticks. I suppose it’s better than nothing though, right? I also have some interior décor, like spooky trees and houses and lots of orange glass stuff.

I have to pick up some candles today for my Halloween stuffs - OH OH OH! That reminds me - today is the opening for my favorite grocery store – SUPERAMA! I think stores with “RAMA” in the name are awesome. If I ever opened a saltwater fish store, I think I would have called it FISH-O-RAMA or something like that. It just automatically means cool. But, I digress.

So the reason why this is a big deal is because I love this store, but the closest one is kinda far, and in going to that store we pass a SuperKompras, Wal-Mart and Comercial Mega. So although I like their goods and selection, sometimes it’s just not worth it. So this new SuperRama is RIGHT down the flippin street! It will be our closest grocery store! Its kinda high rent, but the veggies and fruit almost always look fabulous, and they have the largest selection of organic stuff ‘round these parts, so it’s worth it to me. You wanna know the other thing that makes the opening a big deal? The main drag, Tecnológico, which has been under mega construction for the past few months, is also open. So I get to take a brand new street to a brand new store. How cool is that??!!?!

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