Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get yer Tiger Pumpkin Stencils Here! **REPOST**

I've gotten a few hits (OK, more than a few....more like 15 in the past day alone!!!!) over the past view days of people doing google searches for the Detroit Tiger's Pumpkin Stencils......so I thought I would be nice and repost my original post so people could find the link it more easily! I'm sure the demand for these will die down after next week.......so, here it is!

:::::::::::ORIGINAL POST:::::::::::::::::

Its just what you always dreamed of - carving your own halloween pumpkin in a gentle, candle lit homage to our hometown heros. I think its kind of hilarious - I found them as I was browsing the Tiger's Fan Forum on their website.


Personally, I'm torn between these two.....but I'm pretty sure the old English D's gonna win out - just its just so darn classic.

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