Friday, October 27, 2006

So it’s true….

Pat O’Brien mentioned something to me a while back about maybe possibly making an effort to make more entries when I’m in a good mood. I guess he has a point. I don’t want to make anybody more depressed! I was thinking about it again this week, because I haven’t had an entry since, what, Tuesday? And I’ve had a really good week! Been in a great mood – had lots of fabulous exercise and good experiences at work – but I guess I’m not moved much to write about that kind of stuff. Yes, this blog is supposed to be an account of all my experiences, good and bad, but I suppose that it’s turned into more of a therapeutic exercise for me – so I write more when I’m having a bad day or crabby or pissy just because I feel like getting it out. Understand? Eh – if not, ni modo, I get myself…..most days.

Wednesday I made my way to Planta Apaxco to learn some techniques for testing Total Alkali’s and water soluble alkalis of aggregates. I felt like I was in my element – learning new things, meeting new people – I really enjoy that. It makes me feel like, well, me. Happy and cheery and chirpy and making people laugh and all that. I did get lost on the way home. Twice. But I didn’t fret much because I had a map, a compass, a full tank of gas and lots of day light. I was pretty proud of myself for not freaking out!

After I got home from the plant I went to my favorite clothing store, Suburbia (part of the Wal-Mart chain here) and went looking for black pants and an orange shirt – our unofficial uniform for our ACI Magna meeting. I found that – well, a black suit actually, not just pants – plus about four more shirts, a pair of black leather boots (my Payless pleather boots had survived two years, and have just about had it), a pair of fabulous sunglasses (have I mentioned I’m addicted to sunglasses? A girl can never have enough) and a little present for Karli girl for Christmas. I have to stop spending money on that girl – but every where I go I find something that I think she’ll like!!! All in all, I spent about $2300 pesos, but it all serves dual purpose because I’ll be able to wear almost everything I bought at the ACI meeting in Denver next week. Oh, and I came into almost $6000 pesos in medical reimbursements, so I had a little money burning a hole in my pocket anyway.

I was surprised I liked the black suit – I usually have an aversion to them. I tried on grey, pink, purple, brown, and pinstripes - everything possible before the black suit. But its classic and it looks really nice. I think the aversion stems from my days as a Victoria’s Secret girl – that was our uniform – black pants, any color shirt, and black jacket. My experience there terminated abruptly when I quit without two weeks notice because my manager kept scheduling me on weekends I had rugby tournaments. After the third time I just couldn’t take it any more. I mean, she HAD a copy of the schedule with my name written at the top. Did she think I was just making it up?!?! I remember the day I quit she told me “OK, well, if you quit without two weeks notice you’ll never be able to work for Victoria’s Secret or any other Limited, Inc. Company EVER again!!!” Ohhhh – please lady – threaten me some more. Did I mention I was going to be a Chemical Engineer? I don’t need you and I don’t need your stinkin store!!!

**sigh** of course, I still frequent the store because their products are oh so heavenly. Not even crazy Nazi manager lady could make me stop going there…..

Speaking of retail…..for some reason, around this time of year (holiday-ish season) I always get the urge to pick up a second job. Obviously I won’t be doing so here, but I definitely have the itch. I guess I just like the business and rush of the holiday season, decorations of the malls, helping crazed shoppers, and the fun of working in retail. Not sure if I’ll ever get it out of my system :) Aside from the Body Shop direct sales gig I had for a while, the last Holiday Retail gig I did was in 2000 at Old Navy. It was awesome because it was right across the street from my apartment complex......and I looooooove me some Old Navy!

Anyway, back to the rest of my fun week…..

Thursday I took my black suit with orange shirt wearin' ass to Mexico City for Holcim’s ACI Magna meeting. Veronica and I have been planning it for over two months, so it was nice to finally have it arrive! We had a lower than expected turnout – we were hoping for 100, got 60, but it was pretty good considering we were competing against a very popular industry meeting in Acapulco. Everything went well though, and aside from the balls of my feet feeling like they are going to explode (damn those 4 inch heels) I’m no worse for the wear. I also made a date to eat dinner with the Mexico City Chapter ACI president in Denver – so that’s kind of exciting too!

That brings me to today. I’ve been setting up some tests, but I’m going to be running them tomorrow – yup – that’s me, super hard core – working on a Saturday! I have to get these tests done before I leave on Thursday though, so have little other choice. ACK! That means only a three day work week next week! WOOO HOOO!!!! That’s an exciting surprise! Almost as exciting as when I heard on the radio today to make sure to remember to turn our clocks back an hour. I LOOOOOOOOVE falling back! It’s the only day where you get an extra hour, and that is just too cool!

Oh, and a big shout out to the 1977-ish SVSU (wait, wasn’t it SVSC wayyyyyy back then???) Cardinal Football team, a few of whom will be gathering at my parent’s place this weekend to imbibe in some friendly revelry – which I’m sure will entail drinking a lot of beer and pretending to be 20 again  Its not Homecoming – maybe more like an Alumni weekend, but there will be tailgating involved before the football game and SVSU will also be honoring our friend Tony Ceccacci (NASA Flight Director) as a distinguished graduate. I wish I could be there to watch the fun – they are a great group of guys, and their wives and families ain’t too shabby either : ) I have a lot of good memories of them together – I think maybe because it was always really great to see my parents so happy and having fun, acting like kids themselves.

Have A GREAT Weekend!


Beth said...

dont beat yourself up too much about writing when you're crabby or pissy and not writing as much when you're in a good mood. we're all guilty of it. it's human. so keep up the pissy writing and sure, supplement with happy writing if you want. or don't. if you're too busy being happy to write, it's ok too!

alisa said...

hi! just thought i'd let you know i was thinking of you last friday. i went to toluca with a group of folks from the newcomers club to peruse the feria del alfenique in awe (and drop many a peso on calaveras, etc.), and also to shop at the casa de la canasta on calle independencia in santa ana tlapaltitlan. that place was amazing, too. happy week to you!