Monday, October 16, 2006

Bummed bummed bummed

On Saturday night I had a good cry whilst laying in the shower……I realized shortly after the Tigers clinched their World series birth that the chances of myself or Pat getting tickets was a long shot unless we wanted to pay that $600 each.

And we all know that’s not very practical. Especially with a $600 plane ticket on top of that.

Despite knowing that it was unreasonable to spend that much money, I was so so sad. So so upset, knowing that I wasn’t going to be there to be a part of history. Because to me, its not just a game – its part of me, part of my family, part of my history. Baseball represents so much more than just 9 innings and a few beers. My first games were with my dad and my grandpa – and my grandmother played ball for quite a while too (she actually wore Joe Tinker’s pants once – of Tinkers to Evers to Chance. One of my best friends in the world was discovered because of our mutual love for baseball. The world is always somehow a better place when you’re at the ballpark. So not being there – I feel like I’m missing out, you know? I’m missing out on making a great new memory with Pat O’Brien, I’m missing out on history.

You wanna know what really pisses me off??? Ass wipes who buy the tix, then turn around and sell the damn things for an absurd profit. It so not fair – its just preventing those fans (like myself) who really truly want to be there will all their heart, but can’t because its too damn expensive. Because I’m not a damn company with deep pockets than can spend that kind of cash for the benefit of their customers. If we could get tix for face value, we’d be there. It’s a big difference paying $75 for standing room only tickets than $450 to the stupid head scalpers (not wanting to support the team in their quest for the promised land – just trying to make a buck). Not to mention how expensive the non standing room only tickets are. Sheesh. Its just disgusting.

I suppose its all part of life though, no?

Someday I’ll get over it. But for now, I shall sit and mope, lamenting and mourning my loss. Although is it really a loss if you never actually had it??? I’ll still be supporting the Tigers even if it is from 2000 miles away….and maybe I’ll even buy myself a chick’s jersey……

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